Nearly 36 million people in the United States seek chiropractic treatment each year.

Chiropractors help align the spine so that you don’t suffer from chronic pain and discomfort. If you have been feeling off, and are considering getting help, you may want to watch for red flags that can be resolved with chiropractic care.

Continue reading to discover all of the common signs for when to see a chiropractor for help!

1. Constant Headaches

One of the biggest red flags that you can experience when you need to see a chiropractor is constant headaches.

If you get terrible tension headaches and migraines, it may be a bigger problem than you realize. Often, people have a misaligned spine that puts pressure on the neck and causes headaches.

If you aren’t sure when to see a chiropractor, call ahead and they can schedule an appointment depending on the severity of your situation.

2. Chronic Pain

Many people that experience chronic pain take over the counter medications to help.

Unfortunately, this only reduces uncomfortable side-effects for a short time. Getting help from the chiropractor, however, can help fix the root of the problem. Often, pinched nerves and misaligned spines are the cause of pain.

Instead of taking more pain relievers, a chiropractor can help fix your chronic pain and get you moving back to normal.

3. Shooting Pains in Your Leg

Have you ever been binge-watching your favorite show only to suddenly stop it after experiencing a sharp pain down your leg?

When you have sharp pains in the leg that tingle, you may want to get help from a professional. A chiropractor can help treat sciatica pain from slipped discs and pinched nerves.

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4. There Was a Car Accident

If you have recently been in a car accident, you should visit the chiropractor.

Whether it was a major accident or just a fender bender, you will likely feel achy for a couple of days. By seeing a chiropractor shortly after the accident, they can loosen up joints and prevent a lot of the pain.

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5. Loss of Mobility

When people begin to lose mobility, they should seek chiropractic care immediately.

Many people lose mobility when they get pinched nerves in their backs and near the neck. It can be difficult to turn your head to the side when this happens or twist the body.

Don’t overextend your muscles when this happens to relieve pain. Most of the time, getting your bones and joints aligned can solve the problem without causing extra strain.

You Should Know When to See a Chiropractor

Whether you are currently experiencing pain or want to prevent future problems, the chiropractor can help.

By utilizing this guide, you can learn when to see a chiropractor before the problem gets worse. They can help align your spine and get rid of headaches and leg pain. You should never ignore these red flags.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about relieving pain and getting chiropractic care!


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