Cats are very complicated. They are usually very selective about the kind of cat food you serve them and will never prefer all the types of cuisines you may bring on the table. At times, the food choices you have will be stricter and uni-directed when your cat is sick.  What do you do when your feline friend doesn’t want to consume what you have presented?

Well, you will be often moved towards seeking the assistance of a tube or a syringe to make things work in extreme cases when forceful feeding is the only option. However, there comes a time when you want to relieve your cat from this stressful feeling. But when is the right moment to stop force feeding your cat?

Here are the indications that will tell you that the time has come to stop force feeding your cat.

#1 When the Cat Starts Grinding its Teeth

You need to stop force feeding your feline friend any time you realize that it is grinding its teeth as you administer the food injection or tube. In essence, teeth grinding in cats is a clear indication that they have lost appetite or they are fully satisfied.

Though you may not notice such changes with ease, it is advisable not to continue force feeding your feline friend whenever it grinds its teeth as it may escalate the discomfort and pain in kitty’s jaws. Notably, force feeding is painful and stressful for cats particularly if they aren’t accustomed 

Also note that teeth grinding could be a sign that kitty is facing some dental challenges. It could be a great idea to consult with a veterinarian for proper advice.

#2 When the Cat Starts Vomiting

Most cats will not be willing to take in the food at first particularly when they are force fed. There’s a tendency that it will resist by spitting or vomiting. Similarly, a kitty might vomit when you force feed it with more than what its body needs. You need to be extra careful when dealing with a cat that vomits so easily.

Also note that your cat could be in deep need of a veterinarian’s attention if it is a frequent vomiter even when you are extra cautious with the force-feeding exercise. Regular vomiting is never good for kittens as it may yield extra health issues.

#3 When the cat runs away

Your cat could be sending a clear message that it is not pleased with the force-feeding exercise if you see it running away from you when feeding. There’re tendencies that it might start showing aggressive behaviors towards you.

#4 When the cat doesn’t want regular food

Your cat could adopt to force feeding particularly if you adopt this method for too long to the extent that it may no longer want to continue feeding on its own. It could be a great idea to stop the force feeding exercise any time you realize that kitty wants assistance in every meal.

#5 When the weight gain is excessive

You should only feed your cat to the recommended limits. Don’t overdo it. Excessive weight gain in force-fed cats could be a clear indicator that it is time to halt. Remember your cat could develop obesity.

These are a few critical signs that you must pay attention to when you are looking at force feeding your cat. You are only feeding your cat in such a manner because you appreciate your cat. But you do not want to destroy your relationship over time because you continue to take an action that is far from pleasant.

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