It’s a norm to change your car batteries every few years. And as time goes on, your replaced batteries begin to take lots of space in your garage. Did you know you can free up your garage and sell those batteries? And even so, make a few bucks off it. As you read on, you will learn where to sell your used car batteries and how much you can get for it.

You will find out places that buy used car batteries, whether working or dead. Some areas can offer you top dollar for your used motor parts, while some will give you a flat rate.

Where to Sell Used Car Batteries

Where to Sell Used Car Batteries

Where to sell your spare parts is your choice. Ensure you’re getting the right amount for it. There are different places and methods of selling car batteries, and below are some of them:

1. Auto Parts Store

Check with any auto parts shop in your locality. Lots of them will accept used car batteries. And so, will be more than willing to purchase them. It is also a perfect place to market any other vehicle parts that you wish to trade.

Ensure that you contact them first to find out how much they are willing to offer for your particular battery. It is essential to do so because some stores will refuse to pay you cash for parts and will only offer you store credits.

2. Scrapyards

When looking to dispose of your spare parts for quick bucks, there is no place better than a scrapyard. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to take your used battery to your local scrapyard. When you sell to them, they will be most interested in the lead core component because they can be remanufactured and sold again. 

The price you get would determine mostly on the market value of lead at that current time. You can expect a fee of around $7 if the lead rate is around 0.33cents per pound.

If you are not familiar with locating your local scrapyard, try looking online to find it. Or better yet, Google in cash for junk cars or anything relating to junk vehicle parts, and your local scrapyard will pop up. 

Once again, it is best to contact them to determine the rate they’re willing to pay for your cell. In most cases, the scrapyard will offer you a lot more money if you have more than one item for their purchase. You can check here for things you can scrap this period for profit. 

3. Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair Shops

Before considering selling your cells to an auto repair shop, there has to be life in them still. If not, most repair shops won’t purchase. Repair shops consider buying a working battery because they have the tools to recondition the cells themselves and then resell them at a discounted rate to their clients who do not have the money for brand new batteries.

To sell your cell to a repair shop, it has to be in good working condition because they have the equipment to test it. So, it’s best to contact your local repair shop to see if they are interested in the kind of batteries you have.

If your cells are in working condition, then the auto repair store is a perfect option to make a substantial fee from your used cells.

4. Metal Recycling Facilities

Although they might seem similar to a scrapyard, some might offer you better rates for your cells. So, find out if there are any metal recycling centers near you and check if they are interested in your used batteries.

Recycling center usually has their rates listed on their sites. This makes it possible for you to find out their fees and know if it works for you. Like scrapyards, you will be provided with better rates if you have more than one cell to give away.

5. eBay

As you already know, you can give way almost anything on eBay. The same goes for your used car batteries. This a great option because it doesn’t matter if it is working or dead. With eBay, someone is always interested in buying if they cannot find any in their local stores for a fair price.

This is a great avenue to discuss with lots of people interested in your cell to find the one that has the ideal price for you. Take note that if you’re giving away more than one battery, list your auction as local pickup, so as not to meddle with your profits when shipping.

6. Craigslist

Before considering selling your used car battery on craigslist, make sure it’s still in good working condition and can last for a reasonable time. Just as eBay, you will get many offers from interested people, which will give you a better chance of getting a price rate that satisfies you.

Take note that when creating your ads, use strong and relevant keywords to get lots of interested buyers. This is also more effective than local shops and scrap yards. You also have the potential to make more money with this option.

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7. Yard Sale

This is also an excellent avenue for selling used car batteries. There are lots of people who visit yard sales looking to sell their stuff for profit. You might not make a fair amount flipping your goods on yard sales, but it might be time-efficient and can give you an avenue to sell other used possessions. You can find suggestions here on making the best out of a garage sale. 

The Standard Price for a Used Car Battery

There are many kinds of batteries used for different car models. For this reason, the price rate of batteries continuously fluctuates. Even though a new battery can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the car model, a used car battery is over 50-70% of your purchasing price depending on its condition and life span.

Final Note

There is going to be a constant demand for used car cells. Ensure to find out the market price and then find the best possible way to sell them to make a fair price. Feel free to use the options listed above to get a better result.

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