The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you have in the house. The quality of your sleep dictates your mood and productivity through the day.
Not only that, the bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom and the foundation of the bedroom’s design.

Oftentimes we are not satisfied with the assortment of factory-made beds and we want something that aligns more with our unique taste.
That’s when you decide to go for a bespoke bed and guess what – you are choosing well.

Ordering a bespoke bed is the best way you can have all your wishes materialized. You decide on every part of it, from top to bottom.

Not only that, ordering a crafted bed means you can have all the luxury and comfort  combined with an affordable price.

Where to find the best bespoke beds

The best selection of bespoke luxury beds online is Crafted Beds.

Crafted Beds is a home of the best custom-made beds, offering tailored solutions you won’t find anywhere else in Britain.

Using skills that are being perfected through many years of experience, they will make your dreams come true.

There is no substitute for handmade. You will find no factory errors because craft beats machines and you will end up with a high-quality bed that will bring your bedroom’s design to a whole nother level.

With Crafted beds, you can expect old-fashioned quality craftsmanship and a personal service.

There are no stock items

Every bed is made after an order has been placed.  It is made entirely for you, uniquely tailored by your wishes and upholstered in a fabric of your choice.

The process is quite simple (for you):

  1. Go to Crafted Beds website
  2. Choose from the best selection of crafted beds in Britain
  3. After you’ve found what you want, tailor it to your needs:
    – Select colour
    – Select bed size
    – Choose base type
    – Decide on assembly option
  4. Sit back and relax, while the best craftsmen create your own bespoke bed

Everything is sourced and produced locally

Not only is every bed crafted to your unique requirements and taste, but every part of that bed you’ll own is produced locally. This means, our local materials and our local workers made it in our local factories.

Crafted Beds aims to source furniture from factories that purchase legally harvested timber, while the fabric we use is durable, hard-wearing and complies with BS7177 regulations. By combining the best materials and skill set, Crafted Beds can deliver the highest quality beds on the market.

You can order fabric samples

You don’t need to decide right away. Fabric samples are available for you to order them and deliver to your home. They stock a large range of fabrics. You can select up to 5 swatches to be delivered to your home.

Choose the most comfortable sleep

The goal of Crafted beds is for you to have the best sleep possible alongside the best quality and design you can find on the British market. With Crafted Beds you don’t need to compromise. They combine the best materials and skill set that produce the highest quality custom-made beds on the market.

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