Scented candles are a beautiful add-on to your home. They create a soothing environment with their scent, romantic lighting with their flickering fire and make our house a home.

When buying a candle that you are going to light up in your house and enjoy its delightful scent, make sure that it is natural and toxic-free.

Many people don’t know, but candles can slowly poison you if you don’t choose wisely.

Paraffin candles are a no-no

What should I look for in a natural candle, you might ask. Well, certainly not paraffin!

These types of candles are the main source of indoor pollution. The wax used in those candles is actually leftovers in gas and oil production.

Before the candle is created, that wax needs to be bleached and refined.

Therefore, from the start, it doesn’t sound healthy.

The vast majority of the candles in stores are made from paraffin wax, scented with artificial perfumes and have added stabilizers. When burned, paraffin candles release toxins into the air, which we then inhale. Even the non-scented ones!

This means, on your next candle shopping spree – avoid paraffin candles at any cost.

What are the best natural candles?

When searching for the best natural candle, you need to pay attention to a few key details.

  • Choose between soy or beeswax candles. It is the healthiest variant that releases no toxins into your air.
  • Natural candles are only kept natural if the ingredients say so. Search for candles that are infused with 100% pure essential oils.
  • Wick needs to be from unbleached cotton or paper.

Soy wax is a clean burner. Be sure that the soy wax is 100%, without any percentage of paraffin wax.

Psst! Gin&Tonic is a place where you can go if you are looking for natural candles that are safe for you and your baby! Check out the Mum & Baby Candle and infuse your home with the scent of happiness.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles burn clean and have their own natural honey/floral scent even when not burning and are one of the oldest sources of artificial light. Unlike paraffin candles, they do not contain any additives, synthetic chemicals or leave behind black soot from smoke when they are burned. In addition, 100% pure beeswax candles help clean the air.

Beeswax is a wax made inside the hive of honey bees of the genus Apis. It is made by worker bees, which produce the wax in an almost clear liquid form from 8 mirror glands of the abdomen, and once in the air, it hardens into wax scales. Worker bees that are 12-18 days old have the largest glands, and produce the most wax. When the wax is first secreted, the scales are almost pure white, but as it gets incorporated with propolis and pollen oil by the worker bees, it gets more yellow or brown. To learn more about beeswax candles visit the Mohawk Valley Trading Company.

Avoid candles that don’t list the fragrances

Using scented candles can be a little tricky because the producers are not obliged to list all the ingredients they used in their fragrance. Oftentimes, the label only says “fragrance” and that’s because the law cannot force them to “tell everyone their company secrets”. That’s why it is wise to choose only candles with labels that have all the fragrances listed.

Natural candles and babies

If you are having a baby or kids in general, your priority is their health and well-being. Therefore, you might ask yourself – are candles safe around children?

The great news is that you can find candles that are not only safe for you and your baby but available in the Cradle&Tonic shop!

“When choosing the aromatherapy candle you’re going to be using near your baby, you should make sure that it’s made of natural ingredients only. That way, you can be sure the burning process won’t release any potentially harmful chemicals into the room. Check ALL elements of a candle, from wax to wick.”

From the article What candles are safe to use around babies?

Cradle & Tonic believes in natural ingredients and that’s why they are a great choice.

All their candles are made using natural ingredients such as PURE essential oils, high-quality natural soy wax, and unbleached cotton wicks. Safe for mum and baby.


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