Do you want to know where to shop Japanese whiskey in Singapore? Check out the stores below.


Alcohaul claims to offer the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to get booze in all of Singapore. But what really sets it apart from other liquor and wine delivery services in the city. Alcohol is not a single company but is made up of several companies who have been in the alcohol industry for several years already. These companies are bonded by one goal and that is to offer the widest selection of wine and spirits at an affordable price. It’s a one-stop-shop for alcoholic beverages and they do have a great selection of Japanese whiskies.


Just like what their name says, Drink2Connect strives to connect people who love premium alcohol together. They pride themselves as experts when it comes to premium spirits and they are one of only a handful of stores in Singapore that focus mainly on Japanese whiskey and sake. The company has been in the business for more than 20 years and throughout those years they have collected valuable knowledge of the alcohol industry in general and of Japanese whiskeys in particular. And if you have questions about Japanese whiskey, you can simply give them a visit, call them, or send them a message through their social media accounts, and for sure you’ll get an answer.

Le Vigne Wines & Spirits

Having been in the business for almost 20 years, La Vigne Wines & Spirits is one of the most experienced wine and spirits dealers in Singapore. The company specializes in supplying alcoholic beverages to big events. It has also earned a reputation for being the go-to for individuals and organizations looking for alcoholic beverages. One of the company’s strengths is having a wide selection of wines, rums, gins, whiskies, and other spirits. Of course, a good part of their collection is devoted to premium Japanese whiskeys. They also regularly hold talks for those who want to learn more about wines and spirits.

The Whisky Distillery

The Whisky Distillery’s website proudly proclaims that the company is the only whisky specialist in Singapore. It’s a grand claim considering that they do have several competitors. In terms of selection, they do offer a substantial list. The store has more than 200 whiskeys coming from the best distilleries in Scotland and Japan. They even have bottles from distilleries that are already closed. So if there’s a particular type of whiskey that you can’t find in other stores, then there’s a good chance that The Whisky Distillery has it. Apart from their branch at Marina Bay Sands, you can also find The Whisky Distillery in other parts of Singapore.


If you’re visiting Singapore and you want to take home with you a bottle or several bottles of premium Japanese whisky, then you can simply get it at iShopChangi, the duty-free shop at Changi Airport. You can buy ahead of time through the phone or on their website then you have the option of having it delivered or you can pick your order up on the day of your flight.

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