Security cameras come in different shapes and sizes. The main thing to focus in a camera is the required feature.

In a battery powered security camera there are a number of features that one might be looking for. The most distinguishing feature of any security camera is the process of installation and the source of power supply.

According to my personal survey battery powered security cameras are divided in a number of categories with respect to following features that you need to consider if you want to buy a good battery security camera system.

The first category is the connections, there are battery powered security cameras in market which are wired while others are wireless security cameras. Most people tend to believe that only wireless security cameras are battery powered but luckily it is not the case.

Second category is according to the power supply, some security cameras are charged through electricity while some work through solar energy. Although both of these are battery powered security cameras but the source of power for charging the batteries is different.

Third category is the storage option. Many battery powered security cameras are with local storage such as SD card and NVR, while others are with cloud storage. The impact on the performance and reliability of a security camera is huge when its storage option is a bit different.

This article is a compilation of bits of knowledge and research about each kind of battery powered security cameras.

Wired and wireless

The main difference here is the connection. Most of the time wired security cameras work through ethernet. Th IP security cameras are wired.

This is why battery powered security cameras with IP connection are wired. IP battery powered security cameras are reliable in terms of speed but there is a drawback that users are bound to fix them where there is ethernet cable. 

battery operated security camera

On the other hand, as referred to Dk security, there are wireless battery security camera that work through wifi connections. Most of them work through 2.4GHZ wifi. These security cameras can be mounted anywhere just make sure that you have got a strong wifi connection.

There is a chance of hacking if you have not encrypted your interface. Otherwise these are the most pro type of security cameras. Moreover, these are easy to install as compared to wired security cameras.

Electricity powered and solar powered battery security cam

Electricity powered battery requires some efforts. They are reliable if your camera has got a longer battery life. In case you ended up buying a shorter battery life security camera then you have got an option of buying some extra batteries with longer shelf lives. These batteries are charged with adapters.

The counter parts are solar powered security cameras, these batteries are continuously charged and supported by the solar energy. You do not have to check the batteries every single day. They will be self sustained battery powered security cameras. The unlimited power supply makes them the most prioritized category.

Cloud storage and local storage security cameras

Depending upon the storage cloud storage is considered to be the best for security cameras. Cloud storage are unlimited storage type. You do not have to change the storage devices as you would do in local storage.

Cloud storages are reliable as long as you have got encrypted data. Otherwise there can be higher chance of hacking. This is the only con of cloud storage. Some people tend to claim that for most security cameras you have to buy the premium cloud storage that can be a headache for most of them but In my point of view buying of a new local storage device or premium cloud storage requires equal amount of money and time. To be very accurate getting out and buying SD cards is even more hectic.

On the other hand, SD card storages are also a luxury as long as it has got loop recording. Loop recording save your time and energy by not forcing you to get a new device. If in case your camera is not with a loop recording format then you are in a big trouble. Thus, make sure that you have checked this feature before hand.

There are some battery powered security cameras which have got both options for storing the data, in terms of storage this is the best combo ever. This means, you will get ultra unlimited storage options.


This article was to make the reader aware about various types of security cameras in the market. all these types are reliable if you know how to use them properly. In case of any trouble you can contact the companies. There would not be any problem if the customers are well aware about their need. In case you are still confused you can check some detailed reviews and guides as well for further information and knowledge regarding battery powered security cameras.


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