Which is the Best Muslim Charity?

What is the concept of Charity in Islam?

Sadaqa (charity) is unconditional charity given to please God.

Charity also refers to a voluntary humanitarian act performed for the benefit of others, or through kindness, empathy, sympathy, or religion. These actions do not have to be physical or economical in nature. Simple gestures of kindness, such as a smile or a helping hand, are considered best Muslim charity in Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was famous for his generosity. He was the most humble, modest, and caring man of his times. As ‘the most charitable of all mankind…’ (Bukhari), the Prophet (saw) constantly urged his disciples to serve others, advising Muslims to support their family, neighbours, nations, and the broader ummah.  Highlighting the significance of charity The Prophet (saw) said in Tirmidhi:

‘Generosity is near to Allah, near to Paradise,

near to the people, and far from the Hellfire…’

We seek to Prophet Muhammad (saw) as a guide, tutor, and example of what a true Muslim should be in order to get closer to Allah (SWT). So, on our way to Allah, let us look to the final Messenger of Allah for guidance on what are some best christies in Islam and how to support our brothers and sisters in need all over the world. Let’s dive into it:

1. Fed the Poor:

As Muslims, we are obligated to help in ensuring that the poor and weak do not go hungry. According to Prophet Muhammad (saw),

‘He is not a Muslim who has a good stomach when his neighbour goes hungry.’ (Islamic)

Currently, as the war rages on, one of every three Syrians cannot afford even basic food products. Displaced households around the world are in dire need of life-saving food assistance, and a record proportion of babies are starving.

In just £75 you can give a Syrian family their whole month grocery and food items. To help others it’s not often too expensive.

2. Provide Water to the Thirsty:

Water is a gift from Allah (swt) and our root of creation. As we do Hajj, we clean, nourish, and refresh our body with water, cleanse our hearts with wudu and ghusl, and recall the burdens and sacrifices of Hajar (ra). In the Holy Qur’an, Allah (SWT) says, ‘By way of water, we give life to everything’ (21:30). We cannot survive without water.

As a result, Prophet Muhammad (saw) advised us not to wastewater and to share this valuable resource with others:

‘The best form of charity is to give someone water (to drink).’ (Ibn Majah)

But unfortunately, 783 million people globally do not have access to clean drinking water. Every year, an estimated 842,000 people die from diarrhoea caused by contaminated drinking water, and UN-Water predicts that by 2025, 1800 million people will live in areas with little access to water.

You may donate a tube well to a community in need of water for as little as £190, providing free, clean drinking water.

3. Help Orphans:

Our children are our future, and they must be nourished, protected, and supported as they grow into adults. Parents are responsible for financially supporting their children as well as providing emotional guidance and the proper spiritual and moral instruction to help them grow up to be good, smart, and capable. But what about the children who may not have the emotional and financial security of a parent or mother? We must defend and help those needy orphans, as Prophet Muhammed (saw) tells us:

‘Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor,

 the orphan and the wayfarer.’ (Muslim)

‘ An approximate 200 million orphaned children globally need financial and emotional help to attend kindergarten, eat healthy food, and live happy, safe lives.

For just £29.50 a month, you can support an orphan and provide education, healthy food, healthcare, and emotional assistance to make them a humble and good person for our future society.

Wrap Up:

if we refer to the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (saw) for inspiration in carrying out our roles as Muslims, we are reminded of the importance of helping those who lack even the basic necessities we take for granted. According to the Prophet (saw),

‘None of you will have faith until you love your neighbour as much as you love yourself.’ (Islamic)

So donate today, and follow in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (saw) to practice the best life as a Muslim. You’ll definitely get the reward in your life here and afterwards.


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