After the invention of wheels, it became much easier to carry and move objects. But here comes the problem: wheels could only run in straight lines so it was still challenging to change the direction when carrying large objects. That’s why industrial casters were created. The emergence of industrial casters has brought an epoch-making revolution to people’s cargo handling, especially when people move large objects. As a result, with the help of swivel casters, cargo handling becomes much easier with high efficiency.

However, when it comes to choosing the right industrial casters with proper material, many people claim that it can be difficult to pick one since they even don’t know every material very well. Here we are, four materials will be listed for you as follows. After finishing reading, you will find out the best material for industrial casters.

1. Nylon (also known as PA) Swivel Casters

In general, nylon swivel casters are used in the transport industry and the aviation industry. The load-bearing capacity of nylon casters is usually about 30kg to 400kg and their normal operating speed is up to 4 km/h. They are applicable to uneven ground or ground with iron scraps and other substances. On the one hand, these industrial casters are so light that they are easy to carry. On the other hand, they have good heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection and other characteristics. PA swivel casters also feature anti-grease, anti-crude and anti-salt properties. What’s more, their mechanical resistance is small and the rotation is flexible, which make both manual and mechanical use more labor-saving. However, PA swivel wheels can’t reduce noise and can easily fade. 

2.TPR Industrial Casters (also called artificial rubber casters)

TPR Industrial Casters

These industrial casters are always used in hotels, hospitals, wooden floors, tiles and other floors that require low noise when people walk on them. TPR is made of special plasticity material and the price of this material is relatively low. The load-bearing capacity of artificial rubber casters is generally about 20 kg to 500 kg. These industrial casters have the same elasticity as rubber casters’. At the same time, they have characteristics of water-resistance, cold-resistance and high temperature resistance. They can be used generally under various extreme conditions. Noiseless, non-toxic, non-polluting are also their advantages. But these swivel casters are not anti-oil.

3. Rubber Industrial Casters

Due to the rubber vulcanization process, the load-bearing capacity of industrial rubber casters is nearly 55 kg to 500 kg. They are relatively inexpensive, flexible, noiseless with medium wear-resistant and great waterproof. The wheel surface of industrial rubber casters can protect the ground well and absorb the impact caused by moving objects. However, under the long-term of loading, the rubber wheel surface will be deformed due to the force, resulting in inconvenient operation.

4. Polyurethane (also called PU) Industrial Casters

We leveraged the materials mentioned in the previous section and have finally found the best material on the market at present, that is, polyurethane (also called PU) industrial casters. The average running speed of polyurethane casters is about 4km/h. As one of the most wear-resistant and impact-resistant materials, PU is an ideal choice to protect your ground. Take J03S-01-40-361 SUPO from Supo as an example. These products are anti-oil, fireproofing, waterproof, moth-proof, mildew-proof and acid-proof, and are not easy to crack and deform. Besides, the bearing capacity of them is about 32kg. Because the friction coefficient of polyurethane industrial casters is relatively small, and the noise coefficient is low in the use process, which make these swivel casters become the preferable choice in many industries. Although they are easy to harden and brittle, the plasticizer can be added to improve the disadvantages. To sum up, with the best versatility, these durable cost-effective industrial casters can meet your handling requirements whether they are running indoors or outdoors. Most importantly, the quality test of these eco-friendly, wear-resistant and anti-aging swivel casters conforms to EU standards.


Now that you’ve gone through four materials we list, we believe you’ve noticed that the best material for industrial casters is PU. If you want to make a conscious and informed purchase of PU swivel casters, maybe you can consider the J03S-01-40-361 SUPO from Supo.

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