We all know that doing exercise daily keep us fit and in shape. The movement we make while workout, makes our muscles work, enhance our breathe and burn calories. Spending a few minutes on exercise regularly also helps us in losing weight. But have you ever thought that there might be some other types of exercises that require less workout, almost no effort and gives notable results? This type of exercise is known as whole-body vibration exercise and is done via fitness vibration platform.

What is a fitness vibration platform?

Alongside the traditional workout equipment, the vibration machines have gained importance in gyms and people are now including it in their daily workout routines. 

A fitness vibration platform is a machine which has a flat vibrating platform on which you stand, sit or lie as per your comfort. As the machine keeps on vibrating, it transfers energy to your body, making your muscles to stretch and relax several times each second. This amount of transmitted energy varies with the number of vibrations per seconds made by the vibrating plate of the machine. The stretching and relaxing of muscles lead to the better control of blood and sugar levels.

Benefits of Fitness Vibration Platform

According to the experts, a little exercise of about 15 minutes a day on the fitness vibration platform, done three times a week is known to enhance the blood flow, burn fat, support weight loss, improve flexibility, build strength, and reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

Some researches also showed that taking the exercise on the whole body vibration helps in improving muscle strength. Whole-body vibration exercise may also play a fair role, more than sports and fitness. Some researches showed that when a whole-body vibration exercise is taken properly under medical supervision, it helped a lot in 

  • Reducing the back pain
  • Improving the muscular strength and balance in adults
  • Increased the workout stamina

A theory also suggested that the bone cells are quite sensitive to the vibration made by the fitness vibration platform, and they respond by increasing bone density. But it is only known as a theory, no such practical results were found. However, the overall effects of this kind of vibration therapy remain tricky, as the scientific researches differ in the vibration parameters used.

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Things to Consider while buying a Fitness Vibrating Platform

Always go through a variety of vibration platform machines. This will help you in choosing the machine which lies within your budget and fulfil your workout needs. As you examine the different types and brands of vibration platform machines, you should note out the following things:


Vibration platform machines are not bulky. They are quite portable in design, and easy to store at the home, office, or the workout area. Some machines have non-sliding feet which help to keep the device in place.

Weight-bearing capacity: 

A standard vibration platform machine is designed to serve an average-sized person with average weight. But some machines also offer a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds. Consider this factor and note that only one person should use a machine at a time.

Noise level: 

A fitness vibrating platform comes in two types, one that is a bit noisy and one that is silent. Both have their different benefits. It depends on your preference which one to choose. For example, if you want to use your machine while listening to music or watching TV, you should go for the silent one.

Vibration Speeds:

This is another important factor that matters while you exercise.The whole body vibrating machines offer vibration speeds ranging from 1 to 199. You can choose any speed to set the intensity of your workout.


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