We all know about the many challenges when setting up a new business, especially during these troubling times and for the smart entrepreneur, taking on a franchise is a great way to penetrate a new market. All the hard work has been done and the business owner has carved out a good reputation and honed the business processes, simply put, you only have to follow a tried and trusted plan and your business will be successful.

The Winning Formula

This is what it takes to create a successful business and the franchiser has already scaled the heights and created a brand and their preferred method of expansion is to franchise the business to various locations. The formula is a proven winner, all you have to do is follow the plan, and the franchiser will ensure you do just that! He wants success as much as you do and using their plan, you carve out a niche in your local market with a known and trusted brand, what could be better? Every detail is covered when you are in the hands of your franchise manager, whose job it is to help you replicate that winning formula and while this might feel restrictive, it is the only way the franchiser can guarantee success.

Choosing your Industry

Why not ride the current wave for global fitness? You can find a gym for sale in Australia from a leading provider who has full gyms in many locations and with their expertise and your energy, a winning combination awaits. It is obviously good if you have a passion for the chosen sector, which might be a domestic service, such as unblocking drains or emergency plumbing services; there are franchise opportunities in most industries and markets, so there will be something that’s right for you.

Total Support

When a business owner signs an agreement with you, he or she would be fully committed to do what it takes to ensure success; this won’t be their first rodeo and they would have their system down to a fine art. They know the pitfalls and will guide you every step of the way, providing all the logistical support you need. You will be strictly limited to using approved products and ingredients, as the business owner wishes to control every step of the process, working to their plan. You would be appointed a contract manager and it is their job to liaise with you regarding every aspect of running the business. Here is an interesting article on how outsourcing IT makes total sense for every business.


This is done for you, as they would have a tried and trusted way to get their message out and your relationship with the mother company is critical and you can expect to have round-the-clock support at all times, even when things are going well.

Product/Service Presentation

Whether you a plumber or selling pizza, there are protocols to observe, staff uniforms, ingredients, products and even systems that you must use. Why change from a winning formula? This is very much the mindset of franchising and for the entrepreneur, you have the backing of a mother company, which is a very valuable asset that ensures success.

Behind the Scenes

The franchiser helps you set up your accounting and bookkeeping and hands you step by step instructions that are efficient, your suppliers would be selected by the mother company, which would be part of the agreement. It is much easier to follow a successful system than to create one from the ground up and with your support always by your side, there’s not a lot that can go wrong. Click here for Australian government information about setting up a new business.

You are advised to do some serious research into any potential franchiser you are looking at, as you need to be sure they have the resources and the reputation to ensure success. Take your time when looking at potential businesses and the franchiser would give you an introductory folder containing a lot of important information.


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