Over the last decade, essay-writing services have grown substantially. They are becoming more popular still. As expected in any field, there are those who offer genuine, top-notch services while others aren’t very credible.

Nonetheless, students willing to buy essays online use those services repeatedly over their course of study. As outlined in this article, reasons why these services have grown in leaps and bounds are numerous.

Value of Essay Writing

Depending on the college, essay writing constitutes anywhere from 20 to 80 percent of the overall grades that students get during their college years. This means that students have to excel in their essay writing if they want to accomplish their education.

However, students often have problems with writing. For example, writing isn’t their strongest point – they have aptitude for mathematics and they do not want to “waste” their time and effort on essays. Some students might have conditions such as dyslexia that makes writing an additional challenge. Finally, there are international students or other non-native speakers, who struggle with English, therefore meeting deadlines on endless writings assignments is extremely difficult.

Students may face the choice of being expelled or ordering an essay from a service, and between the two, they understandably prefer to outsource part of their work to be able to continue their studies.

Experience from Online Writers

Most of the online essay-writing services are run by people who understand these struggles and have vast experience in writing and a background in academia. As such, these professionals are able to handle a wide range of topics and provide guidance to students. Their experience in research and writing is a part of what makes their services so popular. Students find it easier to work with them as opposed to handling essays on their own. They feel support and often report improvement of their skills after working with writers from an online service.

Using stringent quality control measures, essay-writing companies ensure that guidelines given are followed strictly. At the same time, they have evaluation processes for their writers using the Quality analysis Department (QAD) to ensure that they are qualified enough to offer value to their clients.

Time Factor

Essay writing requires one to do a profound research and write a paper supported with facts. The paper itself must be written in a particular academic style, with layout and formatting among others requirements. All this adds up and requires a lot of time, which the student might not necessarily have, as they sometimes face several deadlines looming. Keep in mind that you should double or even triple that time for non-native speakers. Young people in general being unskilled in planning and time-management is also a huge factor.

Essay writers have taken all this as their daily job. It is their duty to help the student achieve his academic goals. For this reason, they go out of their way to handle the paper within the given timeframes and even allow for revisions.


The rates of various online essay-writing services vary from reasonable to quite pricey. Still, many students can afford them. If one compares the tuition fees for the course a student might have to repeat if they fail, and the cost of ordering an essay from a service, one can easily see why such services are so popular. Sometimes they become lifesavers, as foreign students might face expulsion because of one failed assignment. That means the costs of several semesters go down the drain.

The services are thus cost-effective and accessible even to students who work part-time to pay for their college fees. Students have the opportunity to compare prices and settle on a service provider who best suits their needs.


From time to time, heated debates regarding the legality of these services begin to rage in academic circles. Ordering essay online is being called out as academic fraud. Most writing companies state clearly that their services and the paper they finally provide should only act as guidelines and examples. Students must not use them as exam cheat-sheets. They advise students to give their own input to the final draft. In other words, submit the paper as is and on your own head be it.

Still, students continue to risk scandal and expulsion. What does it tell us? If this risk is a lesser of two evils, this is a clear indication of problems inherent to educational system.  They must be addressed as soon as possible. If the status quo prevails, essay-writing services are only expected to grow in the future.

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