With its huge population (over eight million people), it’s no surprise that London produces a lot of rubbish. This poses a problem for those attempting to beautify the city. Tighter regulations on dumping refuse, better recycling facilities and more efficient municipal rubbish collection can only do so much to reduce the amount of unsightly and sometimes dangerous waste. Community efforts can help with minor issues like litter but can’t address more serious problems. Ironically, beatification efforts themselves can also generate rubbish. When it comes to rubbish removal London has very exacting needs. A professional rubbish removal service like Clearabee can help. 

Construction and beautification projects

As you’d expect of a large city, there’s always a lot of construction going on in London. Sometimes the construction is unrelated to a particular eautification effort, but it could also be a key part of the project. In either case, professional rubbish removal is a necessity. As with any situation where where the items to be removed aren’t covered by municipal refuse collection, construction sites often need professional clean-up. A rubbish removal London firm like Clearabee has the skills and resources to take care of it.

Community beautifiation and professional waste removal

Community beautifuication efforts can make great strides in restoring the aesthetic appeal of a previously rubbish-infested area — but they can seldom do it alone. Whether organised by a local authority or simply the endeavour of a small independent group, the work will need to be handed off to a professional service at some point. Collecting litter and refuse in parks, streets and other public spaces is a great project; once the cleanup is completed, however, participants are left with a large amount of rubbish that can’t always be disposed of through the usual refuse colletion services. That’s where a rubbish removal London service such as Clearabee rubbish removal comes in, ready to pick up the collected refuse and remove it so the area stays safe and clean.

Individual beautification projects and professional cleanup

Individual homeowners can contribute to the beauty of their communities by renovating delapidated property and landscaping garden areas. Inevitably, this creates unwanted waste: soil dug out for ponds, shrubs and plants that need to be removed, branches and even whole trees that have become unruly and need to be taken down. construction waste from home renovations tends to be more modest than that from major construction efforts but is still dangerous and unsightly; it’s also not something you can simply place in a wheelie bin for the dustmen to remove. After a dream home or garden makeover is finally completed, recruiting a professional rubbish removal firm is the ideal way to conclude an individual beautification project. When it comes to rubbish removal London firm Clearabee is well-placed to handle everything.

Why professional rubbish removal matters

As well as impeding beautification efforts with its unsightly appearance, rubbish also damages communities in other ways. Rubbish can be physically dangerous: trip hazards, sharp objects such as broken glass or metal, biological hazards like spoiled food, chemical hazards such as industrial cleaning products — all of these need to be removed due to their impact on public health. Construction msterials and detritus (for example, piles of gravel, sand or rubble) can create crushing hazards, especially for children. These are not hazards that the community can easily tackle without support. 


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