It has been acknowledged that heavy metal can bring passion and excitement to people. You can be fully immersed in heavy metal music and thus you are able to bid goodbye to your worries and pressure. However, it’s an absolutely lousy thing that if there are too many heavy metals in cosmetics. And that’s why cosmetics test service becomes the first focus for cosmetic manufacturers for these years.

It is said that most of the heavy metals can enhance the efficacy of color cosmetics. For example, it can make the color relatively gorgeous. But excessive heavy metals in cosmetics can lead to toxic effects, even lead to death. Therefore, there are many testing organizations devote themselves to ensuring the safety and efficacy of cosmetics. Take Landproof as an example. With 7 years of experience, Landproof is a third-party testing laboratory providing cosmetics test service for cosmetic enterprises and scientific research institutions. Its laboratory is equipped with the whole temperature and humidity real-time monitoring system, complete quality control system and professional technical team.


As a matter of fact, common Heavy metals added in cosmetics include lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, etc. Details are presented to you as follows.


Oxides always serve as additives in cosmetics, which plays a vital role in the smoothness and sheen of our skin. Owing to its excellent adhesion and covering ability, lead oxide is usually added to beauty products to help other whitening ingredients to be absorbed by the skin.

Actually, lead is a kind of toxic heavy metal which is very harmful to the human body. When excessive lead is ingested, it will produce toxic effects on blood circulation, nerve, digestion and urinary system. It can affect the development of the body, especially intelligence and skeletal development. Lead poisoning caused by unqualified cosmetics is mostly chronic. Pregnant women and lactating women in lactation are in great danger, because lead poisoning can cause abortion, premature birth and stillbirth. Besides, children are more likely to suffer from lead poisoning than adults. In this case, makeup manufacturers should pay attention to cosmetics testing. Landproof can provide its customers with perfect cosmetics test service. It can not only test whether the amount of heavy metals in the cosmetics exceeds the standard, but also can test the covering and water resistance of makeup. What’s more, it can check whether or notthe efficacy of cosmetics is lasting and offer the eyelashes density and extra length test.


arsenic has a strong affinity for protein and a variety of amino acids and thus it can be absorbed easily by the body. By adding arsenic, it can increase the efficacy of cosmetics in freckle removing and whitening.

Both arsenic and its compounds are toxic. When excessive arsenic and its compounds are ingested by humans, they can interfere with the normal metabolism of cells and then cause cell death and metabolic disorders. Arsenic poisoning can cause skin and organ damage. For one thing, it will exert an influence on our skin such as hyperkeratosis, pigmentation, infection, necrosis, ulcer, cancerization, etc. For another, it will cause organ damage such as liver injury, peripheral neuropathy, or even paralysis.


Mercury is mainly in the form of mercuric sulfide and mercuric chloride in cosmetics. As the main component of inorganic pigment, mercury sulfide is added to lipstick, blusher and other products, so as to make the color becomes brighter and last longer. However, mercury chloride can prevent the formation of melanin and make our skin whitening and delicate.

Mercury and its compounds can penetrate our skin and enter tissues and organs, not only causing severe harm to the digestive system and nervous system of the human body, but also leading to dermatitis, mental disorder, respiratory failure, hematuria, and uremia. Furthermore, mercury poisoning has the most significant damage to kidneys, which can cause proteinuria, hematuria, uremia and even death.


Some heavy metals are useless in cosmetics such as cadmium and its compounds. They exist in cosmetics as a result of the impurity of raw materials or other processes in production.

Cadmium is harmful to our body, and its compounds are highly toxic. Cadmium can destroy the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, replace calcium ions in bone, hinder the normal solidification and maturation of collagen, and lead to chondropathy. Cadmium can also destroy the metabolism of other microelements such as copper, zinc, manganese and selenium, leading to cardiac dilation and even death for premature infants.

Now that you’ve gone through enough information that you need to consider as a cosmetics manufacturer, you can easily find out that cosmetics test service is really crucial and necessary. How about trying Landproof? We highly recommend this lab.

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