Almost everyone in India is aware of the counselors and life coaches. Among all the people, around 50%-59% of people may have collaborated with different types of coaches. The ones who enroll in some sort of career and life advice always find themselves satisfied. The point is in this maze of life, everyone, me, and you want guidance and direction. Some want advice for their career, some want it for life, and some for everyday issues and challenges.

Sometimes you know where you have to reach but the path seems difficult or you feel dull.  This is the time where counselor or coach guides you, shows you the positive side and the right way to climb the ladder.

Life coaching

The booming fields nowadays are of mentors and coaches. The reason is that everyone needs professional help. A motivational and enthusiastic life coach teaches you how to gain focus in life and reach there. Getting counseling sometimes feels like an unsettling task whereas coaching is solution-based, more practical, and helps you to get the things that matter most to you. A life coach always ensures you see the practicality and push yourself to achieve better relationships.  They are sometimes the counselors and coaches, that you need in your life to build a concrete plan for your targets. Sometimes your life coach becomes your counselor while addressing those issues that you are not able to judge.

Whoever is wishing to keep the spark alive in their relationships with everybody, a counselor can help. Moreover, if you are someone who does not know which direction to take to make an outstanding career, Career Counselor is going to help. There are times, happens with you and me too, when we feel stuck and stagnant. That time life coaches come to our rescue from all the bullshit and negative things running in our minds.

What problems life coach or counselor can solve

Forever is a lie and forever a happy life is a lie too. Life cannot be a happy place all the time. You have to grapple with all the hardships and yet not lose control. Motivational accredited coaches help you in dealing with difficult issues and problems related to career, relationships, and self-respect, and motivation.


Sometimes we get demotivated and this is the biggest mistake. We become our enemy by just not having faith in ourselves. Whenever you feel the same and losing interest in things, a career coach can walk with you through thick and thin.


Life coaches motivate you when you are stuck or not able to walk those extra miles to achieve your career goals. They motivate you to manage your behavior and how to represent yourself in front of others.

Life coaches are the best relationship guides too. They might address those things that keep you holding yourselves back from behaving and maintaining well.

Let’s discuss some Myths and Facts on Life coaches.

There are certain myths and facts on career coaches

Life coaching is something for the new generation only. The fact is that it is a profession that helps different people like you and me to overcome inferiority and other issues in our life.

A life coach handles everything in your life. This is a big myth. How can you let anyone handle everything? The reality is that life coaches share some tips on how to work in a team and develop new goals and plans. They develop that motivation in you by strengthening your weak points.

Benefits of having a career coach in your life

1. Achieving that bloody goal

Discovering your self-worth, discovering the inner you is the benefit of having a guide by your side. Life coaches help you in getting that damn goal as they don’t let you compare yourself with others.  Very few people achieve their goals and accomplish the tasks to reach their target.

2. Create  a better Life

Better life means better confidence when talking to anyone. Life coaches help you in removing that hesitation. They make our lives a better place by changing our perspective so that we don’t remain consumed in our thoughts.

3. Discover the best of yourself

Do you have clarity in your thoughts? Do you own a vision? A career coach helps in creating a broad vision to make your life better. Your life is a bundle of internal fears, weaknesses, skills, and strengths. Life coaches teach you exactly how to discover the best in your life and move with it.

4. Productive and Time managing

Being productive is a major aspect of your life. A person needs to be punctual and productive in any kind of work. Life coach have a meaning, they just make you fly high without using a parachute.


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