Why do you Need to Consider Metal to Plastic Conversion?


We are witnessing a change in the industrial ground. Since the advent of resins and plastic materials in the middle of the 20th century, major manufacturers have changed the compositions of their products from metal to plastic. The automobile industry is one of the leading practitioners of this change.

The driving force behind this change can be attributed to the many benefits that can be enjoyed by it. Plastics can be easily molded with resins using injection molding practices. Along with these the addition of additives and fillers with the mold increases the quality of the material.

Firms like Q Molding expertise in molding plastic with resins and fillers. This increases the strength of the material significantly and can be used to enhance the quality of products. The following are some of the reasons why you can consider changing your production from metal to plastic.

Improvement in Design

When it comes to design, plastic components have a certain dominance over metal ones. Firstly, it offers engineers a lot of flexibility in design. Compared to a metal, an engineer can test a lot of variations when the product is in the design phase. Various complex characteristics and geometrics can be easily integrated into the design.

Additionally, incorporating plastic instead of metal in the production allows you to limit the weight of your production. This lesser weight is very instrumental when it comes to transportation and handling of the product. Furthermore, the availability of plastic in various color and texture help in manufacturing as well.

A Better Performance

The performance of the product can be heavily improved by the incorporation of plastic in its design. This includes improved weight and size of the product. Plastic can help in the production of much smaller designs that are easy to handle.

Furthermore, the strength and durability of the product are improved by plastic. This includes a high-stress tolerance and a rust-free body. Products crafted with plastic are also resistant to impact, corrosion, and heat. Molding plastic with additives and resins improves these characteristics further.

Less Manufacturing Time

Injection molding with plastic is instrumental in reducing manufacturing time. A single mold design can be used to craft the design of the product rather than step by step production when using metals for production. Additionally, a product made using plastic requires lesser maintenance.

The design of the product can be easily changed when using plastics. The overall production time can be decreased since the production employs various repeatable steps to craft the design. Ready-to-use designs can be easily created using injection molding of plastic.

Overall Reduction of Cost

Injection molding of plastic reduces the overall cost of production of the entire process. This is because plastic is relatively cheaper than metal. Products crafted using plastic are significantly less weighing than that of the metal counterparts. This significantly reduces the transportation cost and the operating cost. The decrease in the overall manufacturing cost of the product allows the manufacturers to incur a profit.


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