In these days of xenophobia and racial hatred, it can be difficult to maintain your status quo in America. The delays regarding a visa can be long, and often times unnecessary. In order to maintain your stand and live here in peace, you need a lawyer and a damn good one at that. Luckily there is one such lawyer who can fight for you regarding any kinds of immigration troubles. That is the Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C.

With a solid knowledge of the law and razor-sharp skills, they will make sure that you get saved from any pesky trouble and can complete your stay here legally. Whether it is the process of naturalization, or staying out of trouble during your short time here, these offices will help you out. They will also make sure that you aren’t treated any differently just because you are an immigrant.

Why do you need their services?

The law offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C have many benefits and allow you to get through the naturalization process and become a citizen very quickly, without being torpedoed. Considering the recent anti-immigrant hiatus of the country, it is important that you have a good lawyer by your side, backing you up in these situations.

Here are the few reasons why you will need to have a good immigration lawyer supporting you:-

  1. When you have been suddenly been served with deportation notices for a small misdemeanour or without any reason.
  2. When you are trying to extend your visa, but you are unsuccessful in it.
  3. When you have completed all the procedures required for naturalization, but still haven’t got the call yet for the registrar of new citizens.
  4. When you have to move to the USA but haven’t been helped about getting a visa from the official authorities.
  5. When you have plans to move to the USA for long-term and need to know what credentials you must apply for.
  6. When the deportation measures are being taken against you, but you have a good reason which can be considered in your case as a waiver.
  7. You have been arrested or called as a perpetrator of a crime in the USA or other country and you wish to stay in the USA or prevent being sent away from the USA.
  8. The eligibility for your green card is doubtful due to certain discrepancies in your work visa or credentials.
  9. You had been extradited from the USA for a reason and now you wish to come back here.
  10. You have applied for a different kind of investment-related visa, which is taking time to process.

Thus, immigration advocates can be a necessity if you are facing any of the above problems. Get yourself a good one, just like the law offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C, and you can be assured that you made the right choice in this matter when it comes to saving yourself from the clutches of the immigration authorities here.


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