One of the best ways to make any car or vehicle fuel efficient whether it runs on diesel, petrol, coal or solar energy is to make the vehicle lighter in weight. Any vehicle that is heavy is going to use up much more fuel to move than that which is lightweight and not too heavy.Here aluminium proves to be the best option because it can be as strong or even stronger than iron and steel and at the same time is light in weight.

  1. 75% of energy used by aluminium smelters comes from hydropower. Hydropower is certainly not the best source of energy, but it’s a lot better than oil and as a result diesel and petrol consumption is reduced just by swapping in a little hydropower for the working of your vehicle. Thus, SAF Aluminum is the right way to go if you want your car to become more fuel efficient. You will definitely see results very soon with this method and its application.
  1. Another strange yet amazing concept about Aluminium is that it is highly recyclable. It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminium than it takes to produce 1 bauxite ore.So, when some of the vehicles are made of new aluminium, the others are going to be made of the recycled aluminium which as a result is going to save a lot of energy. You can get in touch with Cymat Technologies. They are one of the best and also infamous leading producers of aluminium foam.
  1. Aluminium bodies for cars prove to be better than those with iron body has aluminium also corrodes less and slower than iron, hence giving a longer life to your vehicle. The maintenance of Aluminium is also easier than that of iron made cars.
  1. Researchers say that every 1 kilogram of added aluminium in a car body reduces one kilogram from the overall weight of the car. Big companies today have started using aluminium to make cars light in weight and stronger than other cars.
  1. Making a car lightweight also includes its top speed attainability because the lighter the car the easier it gets to take it to top speed. Race cars or F1 cars focus on making their cars out of aluminium material as speed is the key element for the cars that they build and Aluminium proves to be the best choice for making a car that requires top speed. Companies focus on making cars that can easily reach maximum speed in the least time consumed and Aluminium bodies of cars help the companies to achieve this target for the car.
  1. No matter what the car runs on, whether it runs on natural gas, solar power, petrol, diesel or electricity, aluminium makes the car lighter and helps in reduction of the consumption of fuel in cars or other vehicles. It also helps in saving energy as the lesser the fuel is consumed; the lesser energy is wasted.
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