With the new cases of COVID 19 continuing to rise, it makes sense to abide by the safety rules, such as Social Distance, or Stay at Home. It is recommended to wash the hands frequently and disinfect the surface. But, little has been said about maintaining your phone hygiene.

Today, our phones have become an integral part of our lives. Whatever we are doing, wherever we go, we have become so used to this device. However, many of us don’t know that smartphone or iphone hygiene is a critical factor in maintaining overall personal cleanliness and keeping the germs at bay.

Your Phone Harbors More Germs Than Other Surfaces

Do you know your cellphone has 10 times more germs than a toilet seat in a public washroom? We think of toilets as hotbeds of germs for obvious reasons. But, we don’t think of our smartphones that way. 

According to a clinical study of 200 cellphones, 94.5% of the phones showed bacterial contamination. If these figures don’t insist you keep your device clean, think how many times a day you touch your phone. Perhaps, once every 10 minutes! You spend considerable time tapping or touching the phone’s screens.

Even if you wash your hands many times, your unclean phone is there to circulate the germs again. If your phone came in contact with someone sick or probably carrying the germs, you are also at risk of getting affected by it. 

But How Does It Happen?

People you shake hands with, the currency you exchange, the surfaces you touch, etc. all carry germs of some kind. Further, the way you use your mobile phones constantly, the microbes get transported onto them. 

Even the sweat from your hands, at times, may make your phone a haven for the germs. Thus, even if you wash your hands again and again, or your phone looks clean, it is still advised to clean it regularly.

Don’t worry! Just a few easy hygiene tips and you are all set to prevent your phone from becoming a hotspot of disease-causing germs-

Use Protective Phone Case-The Best In Terms Of Phone Hygiene

Phone case protection is perhaps the best tip in your arsenal. Most of the advice or recommendation around smartphone or iphone hygiene involves special equipment to avoid any possible damage.

But you don’t need to think too much! Wallet purse phone case comes to your rescue. These protective phone case allows you to clean your device as easily as you wash your hands. With these phone cases, you won’t have to worry about the moisture getting into your device and destroying the ports.  

As long as you have installed the best waterproof phone case on your iphone or smartphone, there is no risk of the soap or cleaning solution causing damage to the phone’s screen or internal parts. Thus, the first tip is to buy these washable, waterproof phone cases, and keep your device clean.

Use A Tissue Or Cloth To Clean Your Phone 

Use a slightly dampened cloth to wipe clean your phone, and dry it with a tissue. You can use a few drops of alcohol-based solutions, such as hand sanitizer to clean the phone surface. However, make sure not to use the sanitizer daily. It may damage the screen.

You can put a waterproof phone case over your phone and clean it the way you want. There are phone sanitizers available in the market; you can use them to remove the stains or marks from the phone’s surface. Or, you can buy a cleaning kit for smartphones.

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Keeping your phone clean and hygienic is simple. Along with the phone, you must clean all the other devices you use, such as iPad, watches, desktops, etc. By keeping yourself and your belongings clean, you’ll be doing your part to stop the spread of germs.