Why Is Pilates So Popular in UK? How It Can Work for You

Why Is Pilates So Popular in UK

Pilates, unlike many fads, is a fitness trend that is here to stay. Pilates and pilates equipment are popular because of its benefits, broad appeal, and the momentum of Pilates-based training breakthroughs.

You already know that you should avoid copying another person’s workout routine because what works for you may work differently for them. However, celebrity workouts can be an excellent place to start if you seek inspiration. Stars such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been raving about the advantages of Pilates recently, thus, the increased popularity.

If you’re already a Pilates aficionado, then you know it’s a low-impact exercise that applies Pilates workouts to strengthen and tone your body muscles. It also promises to enhance your flexibility and posture. Although Pilates is often confused with yoga, they have some differences.

Reformer Pilates is a global trend. If it’s not your fave celebs doing it like Hailey Bieber and Adele, it’s all over Instagram. If you just came across reformer Pilates, you might wonder about all the excitement people have.

What Is Reformer Pilates? How It Works

The Reformer — the name describing the entire frame and platform consisting of reformer Pilates — is now the most famous piece of Pilates equipment. And, if you are new to this, it looks a bit scary.

In reformer Pilates, a frame known as the ‘carriage’ moves around on wheels. It’s typically attached to one end by several springs, which offer resistance during the movement. There are also long straps, a foot bar, which could be used by the arms and legs, and shoulder blocks to prevent the practitioner from falling off while exercising.

You can use a reformer Pilates machine to gain strength, balance, and flexibility. The technique mainly involves pulling or pushing the platform against its spring resistance and then controlling your movement back or holding it in place. However, you can do this while sitting, standing, upside down and utilising all of the Reformer’s elements.

The equipment’s versatility implies that it will continue to be a challenge even to highly experienced Pilates practitioners. This is mostly by holding more of your body off the equipment or with its springs on a lighter setting, demanding more engagement and strength.

Reformer Pilates classes may also include the application of Pilates rings, Pilates balls, resistance bands, and ankle weights.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

While the results indeed speak for themselves, the advantages of Pilates aren’t only celebrity fluff. It’s a suitable option for everyone since it’s an all-inclusive workout method. Whether you’re an office worker, pro athlete, or beginner at working out, you can develop your entire body with Reformer Pilates.

Reformer Pilates offers numerous benefits, such as:

•             Improves strength — specifically around the core, glutes, thighs, and back

•             Improves focus

•             Improves balance

•             Boosts cardiovascular health

•             Improves posture

•             Enhances coordination

•             Reduces blood pressure

•             Enhances body alignment

•             Can lead to weight loss when combined with balanced nutrition

•             Can reduce lower back pain since it works on stabilising the spinal muscles

Are There Mindful Benefits of Using Reformer Pilates?

Although reformer Pilates wasn’t discovered as a spiritual activity, it’s mindful. It offers many proven mental benefits, such as training the brain; the good old endorphin kick; improving memory; and alleviating depression and anxiety.

There are also specific exercises designed to flush your body of stress hormones and release tension in your face that isn’t customarily targeted during a regular stretch session.

Since breathwork has been the latest buzzword in well-being, it’s worth noting that this is one of the six essential Pilates principles. According to Pilates himself, you should learn to breathe correctly. This technique is also applied in reformer Pilates.

One of the beginners’ biggest mistakes during this exercise is to hold their breath! Experts recommend breathing with your movement to help target deeper abdominal muscles, reduce blood pressure and bring focus from your mind to the body.

Pilates Is Ideal for All

That’s right! And the reformer never discriminates. From rehab clients that require the springs’ support to speed up their recovery to all desk workers that spend too much time sitting, pro athletes and any person on a pre-or postnatal fitness journey, Pilates can fit any lifestyle! Join the trend and get fit!

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