Communication is the most crucial aspect on the path of business development. It is the efficiency in communication among the employees that helps in fulfilling the day to day operations. However, with the evolution in time, the concept of business communication has tremendously changed. From just sharing information with each other, it is now more about complying with the business requirements, deadlines, and important notifications. Surprisingly, the modern and effective solution like social intranet software helps in boosting internal communication in a complete sense.

What is a Social Intranet?

A social intranet is an impeccable illustration of development in technology. It is a boon to business platforms as it helps in communication and collaboration among team members powered by social technology, multimedia, and sharing options. Moreover, in comparison to the traditional intranet, modern social intranet platforms lead to more participation and engagement. Below are the features that a business can access through its use.

  • Document libraries
  • Video interactions
  • Mobile functionality
  • Active streams and feeds
  • Employees recognition
  • Group pages
  • Instant messaging

Why Should Modern Business Switch to Social Intranet Platforms?

With the spike in demand for instant and efficacious business results, there is a need to switch the business operations on more innovative platforms. According to the reports of Trade Press Services, ‘85% of employees feel motivated when regular updates are offered on a company’s news feed’. This evidence is enough to note that harnessing modern intranet software will head towards individual and organizational productivity.

Further, there are several reasons that urge modern businesses to adopt powerful technology such as a social intranet. Some are:

Employee Engagement

Features like communication tools, news feed for regular updates, events reminders, and others help the personnel to be active in the company. This also arises the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm among the employees which is directly proportional to business success. Thus, a social intranet equipped with innovative features helps to enhance overall employee engagement.

Document Management

Day to day operations of the company comprise framing and sharing of considerable documentation. The latest technology in context to intranet software allows users to share and have access to the company’s documents with immense convenience. Moreover, it is also a substantial way to maintain documents in a secure environment.

Time Efficiency

Methods of traditional communication lack time-efficiency because of long hierarchy. However, with the features of the social intranet, the accomplishment of any activity can be done in less time. For instance, the option of a search bar lessens the hassle of finding a specific file or document. Also, with instant messaging and video communication, the time incurred in the preparation for meetings can be saved to a huge extent.


One of the major reasons for using social intranet platformsis its benefits to the environment. Adopting the digital methods of communication and document management eliminates the need for papers and some other raw materials. Besides, the direct sharing of soft copies of documents replaces the cost and demerits of printing. Overall, this is an effective mechanism for enhancing sustainability.

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Online Solution

Combining all the features and benefits of the social intranet, the online execution of business has turned out more prominent. In contrast to traditional methods of management, the technology of social intranet is more secure and efficient. In addition, with the aspect of customization, it also helps in convenient project management.

Bottom Line

Indeed, technology is not merely a choice but a necessity to comply with modern business standards. When it comes to the matter of internal communication, Social Intranet Software is a prominent solution in context to the latest technology. So, choose it to enhance convenience and efficiency in regular business operations.

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