Whether it’s the stories they’d tell, the food they’d cook or the hugs they’d give, most of us will have lot of happy memories of our grandparents. They can play in important part in a child’s development and they won’t be around forever, so it’s good for your child to spend as much valuable time with them as they can.

They can be great for us parents too – grandparents save us £6.8 billion nationally in childcare costs. From offering a shoulder to lean on to giving you a rest, here are just a few of the many reasons why your child spending time with their grandparents can benefit everyone. 

Sharing Family History

Grandparents know things about our family history that we often can’t, and they can use this knowledge to teach our children about where they come from.

Whether that means digging out old photo albums or revealing a secret family recipe, they’re likely to have lots of stories that our kids will revel in hearing. They could even reveal what their parents were like as children – for better or worse! 

Creating New Memories      

Grandparents simply love to make their grandchildren happy. Dropping your kids off for the day, weekend or even week will not only give you a rest, but also lead to lots of fun activities and days out that they wouldn’t otherwise experience.

If your children’s grandparents are struggling to get around, a mobility scooter from Mobility Solutions can help them to make it to more family days out while still keeping up with the little ones.

Learning New Skills    

Grandparents have experienced living in a time very different to the one their grandchildren live in today, and the skills they will have picked up along the way could help to teach your kids something new.

Whether its sewing, baking or gardening, mastering a new hobby with the help of a grandparent is not only a great of spending quality time together – it could come in handy later in life too.

Providing Extra Support

Unfortunately, we can’t always be friends to our children – but most of the time grandparents can. That means they can offer emotional and moral support while teaching them valuable morals and life lessons that they don’t always want to hear from us.

If you’re in bad books, you may even find that they can explain your reasoning in a way that your child is more open to listening to.

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