We live in a disposable society. During the course of our lives, we tend to surround ourselves with goods that are easily replaced or have become surplus to requirements. One of the reasons that this happens is because technology and manufacturing (and style for that matter) seem to change at an ever-growing rate. What was yesterday’s must-have appliance or piece of technology, is today easily replaced often at a cheaper cost. This also has implications on how long our possessions last. There seems to be built-in obsolescence which sees them fail after a certain amount of time and today that timeframe seems to be ever-shrinking.

For homeowners, that means that the available space for storage of these items tends to become cluttered extremely quickly – and once that clutter reaches a tipping point (often quite literally) it is time to get rid of items that have reached the status of ‘junk’. Many people do not realize they are actually low-grade hoarders who subconsciously are putting off getting rid of their stuff. It’s not uncommon that people put memories and feelings into the things that have encompassed throughout their life. Going through your garage, closet, or wherever you might keep it all may be a lot harder than you might think. It’s always a great idea to go through your stuff with someone that has no attachment to it- whether that be a friend, family member or professional, they will be able to see the reality of if you are going to use the said item or not, and if it’s worth keeping. For example, you might have your parents’ school yearbooks kept in your garage. When was the last time you looked at their yearbook? Is it covered in dust and cobwebs? Chances are if someone stole those yearbooks you wouldn’t have a clue because you’re never going to look for them. This is a great mind frame to be in when you are purging your hoarding stash, and someone with no emotional attachment will make doing this even easier.

It may be tempting for the homeowner to undertake that removal process themselves – after all, the immediate thought is that they may be able to save a significant amount of money – rather than incur the costs associated with bringing in professional junk removal and pickup company. But if you are faced with a surplus of junk and live in Miami certain factors need to be taken into account before attempting to undertake the project yourself.

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Firstly – it may not be as cost-effective as you think. If you are dealing with a large number of items – or items that are bulky in nature it’s almost inevitable that you’re are going to have to hire a vehicle of some kind to handle the load. That vehicle will need to be filled with gas. It’s also a certainty that you are going to need some help removing the items. Yes, you could enlist the help of some friends or family – but nothing in life is free and you certainly going to have to incur the costs of refreshments (at the very least). Then there is the expenditure of the most valuable asset that you will ever possess – time. It is far more cost-effective on several levels to bring in the professionals.

Then there is the nature of the goods that you will be removing and transporting. many household goods such as appliances contain dangerous chemicals that can affect the health of you and your family when they are moved. Professional junk removal companies have the skills gained over many years of experience to ensure that the removal is safe. Of course, disposal of items that contain solvents and chemicals might also be governed by local regulation – it’s unlikely you will simply be able to dispose of cans of paint and electronic goods at your local dumpsite. Once again professionals know how to handle these goods. When all is said and done the peace of mind and savings that junk removal specialists provide to those who live in Miami is worth the expenditure.

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