A lot of people do not understand the importance of using strong passwords until the worst befalls them. Usually, awareness is made across various platforms on the importance of using passwords that no one else can fathom, but no one seems to take action. See, no one should gain unauthorized access to your accounts even if they know your usernames. Instead use strong username with a help of this tool. And that is the key reason why you must consider a strong password for all your accounts.

Why avoid weak passwords?

You see, a weak password can provide attackers much rase in accessing your computer systems. The software used for cracking a password is getting great every day and the computers used are becoming more sophisticated daily. So, no one should underrate the power of strong passwords. These attackers make use of various approaches to crack the passwords. These tactics include intelligent guessing, brute-force automated attack and dictionary attacks.

A weak password:

A weak password could mean that you have no password at all, you have used one of your usernames, surname, name of the company or even say your real name. It is also very weak if it contains a word that is completely from the dictionary.

What is a strong password?

You must have heard it that a strong password cannot be easily cracked. Indeed, even if the attackers try with the latest version of the password cracking software, they will not succeed. The reason is simply that strong passwords are very hard to crack. That is why it is advisable to have all computer systems to have very strong passwords for all user accounts.

How does a strong password look like?

  • It should be at least seven characters long.
  • It should not be your real name, user name or even your firm name
  • It must be a whole word from the dictionary
  • It must be significantly different from any of your previous passwords
  • It should have lowercase letters, upper case letters, numerals, and even symbols.

When Do You Need a Strong Password Policy?

Well, as stated earlier, it is good to top have a strong password for your accounts. It would help if you also considered having a password policy that states how strong passwords should be and after how long must they be changed. So, it is not a question of when to have it in place. See, it is unwise to put in place a password policy after a successful attack. The policy should be in place straight away since all your accounts need to be secure.

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Bottom line

You have explored what a strong password is and why you should have one in place. Also, the password policy must be launched right away. This will help keep all passwords strong, and you will put attackers at bay. None of them will ever be able to access your files unauthorized. Without a strong password, it is like leaving your door open. Anyone can get in the office or home and mess up everything. But if you have a strong password that contains the aspects mentioned in the above paragraph, then all your files would be safe.


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