If you haven’t heard of red light therapy, you are probably in the minority, as this unique skin and health rejuvenation treatment is sweeping across the world. Red and near infrared light have healing properties and clinical studies prove that a short 10-minute session every day brings you a clearer complexion and a healthy glow.

The science behind red light therapy

Certain parts of our skin cells are called the mitochondria, which are responsible for cell regeneration and producing energy and both red and near infrared light causes the mitochondria to become excited and they promote healthy cell regrowth.

Clinical studies show that daily treatment greatly reduces wrinkles and lines, while there is also strong evidence to suggest that near infrared light can increase one’s libido, which is great news for some people.

Here are a few ways that red light therapy can help you

  • Anti-aging & skin health – Red light stimulates collagen production and that leads to new cell growth, giving you a healthy glow.
  • Reduce depression – Clinical trials showed that daily exposure to red light improves a person’s mood and can help to reduce the effects of depression; indeed, many of the people in the trials reported feeling elevated levels of energy and a better view of the world.
  • Enhanced mental focus – If your work demands that you must always have your eye on the ball, daily sessions with redlight therapy will give you more energy and that enables you to focus for longer periods.
  • Aids muscle recovery – Many professional athletes understand that red light therapy promotes fast muscle recovery and visiting full body red light therapy specialists would be in their schedule. If your muscles recover quickly, you are ready to go for your next outing and you’ll enjoy enhanced performance, which is why the sport pros use red light therapy.

Home Treatment

There’s no need to book appointments at avenues to enjoy the many benefits of red light therapy, with reputable online suppliers of red light devices, ranging from a small hand-held device to a full body stand-alone unit. Many people prefer the medium size, which you can stand on a table and direct the light to your upper body; check out the FDA approved devices you can order online from a leading supplier of light therapy products. This one-time investment is all it takes to enjoy the healing benefits of light therapy and you can take your device when you are away from home.

Short Sessions

You only need to be exposed to red light for 10 minutes a day to reap the benefits; a short session while drinking that morning coffee will charge you up for the day, while people will remark on the healthy glow they see in you. If you have the hand-held device, you can use it anywhere at any time and some people invest in the complete set of light therapy devices to enjoy the full range of health benefits.

The Secret is out

Now that we all know about light therapy, there’s nothing to stop you from acquiring an FDA approved light therapy device, which uses power LED units that emit UV free red light to heal and rejuvenate the body. The US government has published the results of clinical trials that show there are many health benefits from this safe treatment and more and more Americans are enjoying a healthier lifestyle thanks to light therapy.

We have known for some time that light is the giver of life and we know understand the various light spectrums, especially red and near infrared light, are actually beneficial to our health. While UV is harmful, the two spectrums used in light therapy are necessary for good health and by directing the light, you can get the maximum benefit from these natural spectrums of light that are found in natural sunlight.


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