One fear that comes to everyone’s mind as soon as they hear the word ‘Crawl Spaces’ is definitely the high moisture level that accompanies these spaces. This moisture level gives rise to the foul smell, dry rot and also allows the insects to reside. Hence, keeping the space free from moisture is of utmost importance. This can be achieved through crawl space encapsulation since it prevents the water from traveling from the soil to the top thereby solving the problems that might arise due to high moisture level.

Reasons Why Using a Vapor Barrier Helps:

1) Help keep the moisture in the soil and maintain the temperature:

Whether your crawl space is vacant or not, it is really important to ensure that it is not affected by the moisture under the soil which may travel upwards. A crawl space vapor barrier helps to control dampness in the environment by acting as a divider between the soil layer and the flooring. This ensures that a moderate temperature is maintained in the room. Using a vapor barrier becomes a necessity in the areas surrounding the sea since the water content in the soil is too high and causes humidity in the room.

2) Acts as a Guard against Wiring Hazards

One generally thinks that plastic sheathing around the wires can prevent the moisture from coming in contact with the cables. However, this generally isn’t the case! The points of joining of these wires usually allow the entry of moisture. Crawl space vapor barriers, on the other hand, guarantee complete protection from all the risks that may arise due to the presence of moisture.

3) Protects Ductwork from Rust and Corrosion

Water and metal once in contact can cause rust and add a dull look to your ductwork. Even if the ductwork is galvanized, stainless and coated, one still cannot completely prevent the corrosion that might occur due to the presence of a high level of moisture in the surroundings. Crawl space vapor barriers guarantee the protection of your entire system.

4) Spend Time in the Crawl Space

No doubt that many people don’t use the crawl space for any purpose other than the wiring or storage of goods. However, using a vapor barrier in the crawl space can help maintain the temperature of the area and also prevents the ductwork from any kind of rust and corrosion. All of this ensures recent visits to the crawl space as one can easily do anything due to the moderate temperature that is maintained due to the crawl space encapsulation.

5) Helps Maintain a Moist-Free Home

Most of the time of the day is spent at home is very important that one lives a comfortable life. At times, one is not able to figure out the reason for the presence of moisture in the home. One may try to look for the factors around their home, but the reason for high moisture content lies underneath. It is also known to give rise to various health problems and might cause irritation. Thus, it is advisable to use vapor barriers to prevent the entry of moisture in the house.

It’s never too late to renovate your home. There are many times when you get alarms to go with crawl space encapsulation so that your home stay protected from heavy rains or prevented from moisture entrance.

We, at, understand the importance of crawl space vapor barriers and hence can ensure you the best of services when it comes to the fitting of barriers in your crawl space. All your wait ends here, contact us today and enjoy a hassle and stress-free life!

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