The digital transformation continues, and you have to roll across every change in the smartest way possible to part ways from the atrocities that come attached to it. The UK has effectively adopted the ever-changing cyber trend but are Britishers ready for securing their devices from a cyber threat? This article emphasis on why the citizens of the UK must invest in cybersecurity what is the take away from it?

We are generating billions of bytes worth of data every day both online and offline. I recently read that we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, which is more than ever. It is coupled with the threat of cybercrime which hangs a top of our necks like a knife.

The threat of cyber attack is crippling even in the constantly growing business sector in the UK, now it is well understood as an un-faced, and organized crime and people are considering it a genuine threat to their business opportunities.

Since people are now more receptive to an online threat than by any other threat, the crime survey conducted by the National Statistics indicated that 1.83% of the adults had experienced a computer misuse at least once and 1.75% have been a victim of the theft or violence online. 

The national cybersecurity center also indicated that it is only a matter of time when the people of the UK will be facing a serious emergency threat of a cyber-attack. This attack could be insanely disruptive and could trouble the UK’s essential services.

Is UK Unprepared?

Since the new research shows that 53% of the businesses in the UK have built high walls around their cybersecurity, companies in the UK have spent over 690,000 pounds on digital security on an average. The good news is that the Government is taking note of growing the threat and they are thinking to protect themselves.

After the impact of the WannaCry virus, people in the UK are more cautious than ever. The new cybersecurity operations are the need to help detect the attacks, which are a positive sign for the businesses and individuals. People in the UK wonder about how to stay anonymous online with VPN.

Security experts criticize the private and public sector for determining a particular budget to the security strategy. These cyber attacks are a money making business and simply to be prioritized accordingly.

Improved Cyber-Attacks

The challenge of the stats and averages are ruthlessly unpredictable. So protecting yourself is not an easy job. It must not be a constant priority to change the evolving policy and change the budgets. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated than ever they are adopting new phishing technologies and are using remote access to smart devices, TVs, cameras, and mobile apps just because they are becoming so prevalent into society.

Since cybercriminals have evolved, when will businesses take such turn?

Never Take your Security as an Add-On

Opening your business digitally can do wonders, but leaving the door open of your shop will not. Outsourcing the infrastructure and changing the way data is stored plus keeping all the devices connected can leave the business exposed to threats if they do not take proper precautions.

The associated risk in the transformation is when the attack vector is larger. The data is everywhere but is not hidden behind complex firewalls.

The greater the access from the devices, the more the companies need to focus and slightly less on the walls. The data centers and the perimeters are the treasure of actual business data. If you are thinking about the management, then strong, authentication and encryption must be a priority.

Many users in the business are thinking that countering the threats is solely an IT job. The sad reality is that security systems can only so much as to avoid the risks, they can also block spammy emails and lock the user’s account if they are using the same passwords for quite a lot of time.


The battle against cyber threats will never end up soon. It is time for businesses to invest wisely to defend it from cyber threats. They have to pay more than only money to face the music that a threat brings.

In my opinion, the most important thing a company can do is to protect itself from a potential threat. Business needs to invest in the right place, and they must invest and train their employee. Employees need to understand that the cyber threats do not come in as a single pipeline, but they come in as open threat and must be blocked by firewalls from all angles.

Too many businesses consider security at large, and the transformation is a need of time. Businesses in the UK need to tackle the risks smartly and invest resource in security and planning.

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