When you think of a VPN, you probably think about the things you use it for at home or at work, namely encrypting your data and obtaining an anonymous IP address.However, we suggest you to bring a VPN for your holidays and in this way you will discover why it can be almost as important as remembering to pack your passport. In the simplest terms, a VPN is a quick and easy way to establish privacy on the Internet. Think of this as a secure and encrypted “tunnel” between the device you are using and the rest of the Internet. By running your connection through a VPN service, your online activity will be automatically encrypted and kept secret from third parties. The VPN servers also give you a new, anonymous IP address in the country of your choice. Regarding various prices, VPN members can choose from VPN servers in hundreds of locations around the world, which, by the way, you can access from any holiday destination.

The reason you need a VPN on a holiday

So how does all this apply to your summer vacation? These are the main reasons why a VPN can be an important tool for your trips.

You can safely use public Wi-Fi

Wherever you travel, you will probably find a public Wi-Fi (at the airport lounge, coffee shops, train stations, etc.). However, if you use these networks, you are probably connecting with some unpleasant characters without knowing it. All that is needed are a few simple tools that allow criminals to scan and capture your unencrypted data, for example emails, passwords, credit card numbers, flight itinerary, etc. However, by using a VPN you can avoid this online tracking, you can hide your identity, and keep all your information safe.

You can protect yourself from the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection

Are you staying in a hotel? By using the wireless network of the hotel without a proper protection, you are basically broadcasting your online activities to everyone else who is online in the hotel, just like you are at public wireless access points. Therefore, it is better to protect your personal information with a good VPN to achieve Wifi security and prevent neighbors from seeing what you are doing.

A VPN protects you from governments that control your online activities

Many countries are known to have governments that monitor their online activities or censor some internet websites. Unfortunately, these countries are also some of the best holiday destinations. If you are on a holiday in one of these places, we obviously do not recommend using the internet without a VPN. Without it, you are likely to be monitored by the authorities and you may not even be able to access government-blocked sites, which could be a large part of the internet. Fortunately, if you encrypt your internet activities with a VPN, those governments will not be able to see what you are doing online and as a result, they will not be able to censor or track what you are doing.

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So, get started with the best VPN!

A VPN is then a quick and easy way to ensure that everything you do online will be completely private and free of restrictions. This makes getting an account with a good VPN an essential part of planning your summer vacation. And since a VPN doesn’t take up valuable boot space, it’s definitely a good idea!

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