Are you still using the barbaric ways to get rid of mice in your home? You don’t have to let the mice die painful deaths simply because they are running all over your property. There are other effective ways you can use that will benefit you and the animals. Using humane mouse traps ensure that the animal stays alive instead of using poison and other traps that kill mice.

There are so many reasons why you should use humane mouse traps. They are specially designed to remove the animals in a humane manner rather than eliminating them. Because the traps catch the animals alive and unharmed, it is important if you check the trap regularly to ensure that they do not die from dehydration. The following are some important ways why you should use humane mouse traps.

Simple to use

Humane mouse traps are very easy to use. The instructions are straightforward so you will not experience any difficulty using them. All you need to do is to put some food in the trap. Then take away the endcap and put some peanuts on the edge of the trap. Put only a small amount to bring about a balancing act. Next, replace the end cap and then set the tunnel in an access position.

After you have done this, the mouse will notice the smell of the food and find its way into the humane mouse trap. As it finds its way to the peanut butter, the door closes leave g it inside. You then need to take the trap together with the mouse and it the mouse free.

Environment and animal-friendly

You do not have to hurt the creatures you find in your home. You just need to get them out. Using humane mouse traps is the best option. This is one of the best methods that is environment and animal-friendly. All you need is to get the right humane mouse trap.


Using humane mouse traps is very safe. Unlike using other means that kill the animal, this method ensures that the mouse stays alive.  You don’t have to let the little creatures die slowly and painful deaths by poisoning them. Again, when you poison mice, you also risk the lives of other animals that feed on them. They might as well die when they eat a poisoned mouse. Avoid using the old-fashioned ways of catching mice that are not safe. Just catch the mouse and then set it free unharmed.


Conserving the wildlife is important. In as much as the small animals are in the wrong place, killing them is not an option. Using humane mouse traps is one of the most hygienic methods available today.  It works well and helps in dealing with all your mouse problems.


You can re-use the traps over and over again. When you catch a mouse, you need to release it so that you can catch another one. Replace the food after you set the mouse free.

Some tips and tricks when using humane mouse traps

  • If you notice some mouse droppings, that is the best place to keep the trap. Other good locations include inside a cupboard or at the back of the fried.
  • You can try a different location if you do not catch the mouse the first night.
  • Note that mice love to eat at dawn or dusk. If you set the trap in the evening, you will probably catch it even before you sleep. You can release the little creature early in the morning before it dies.
  • You can also locate the trap lengthwise along the wall because mice love making their way alongside walls.

Final words

There are numerous reasons why you should consider using humane mouse traps. Not only are they safe and effective but they also save the life of the animal. Finding the right humane mouse is not easy. However, you can check some ways to make mouse traps by visiting The Smart Picker. They have listed several best humane Mouse traps in the site so that you don’t have to waste your time to check for the quality product anywhere else.

There are different types of humane mouse traps that you can use. Regardless of the one that you pick, it is important if you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid causing suffering and stress to the mouse.


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