Why will Taylor Swift’s upcoming concert tickets be more expensive?

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift /Shutterstock images

With bated breath, and fingers crossed tightly, hundreds of thousands of international Taylor Swift fans constantly check their phones in anticipation to see if they were chosen to get concert tickets.

On Monday night, many will be eagerly waiting to find out if they’ve been chosen by the Ticketmaster system to pay for a chance to see the American pop star in concert.

When tickets to Swift’s concert go on sale this week, they will most likely be sold out within minutes because of the vast number of people who want to see her live.

The high demand for concert tickets suggests that people are spending more money on leisure activities.

Fewer than 3 years after the slump in concert ticket sales, attendance rates have increased by 37%. If these attendee expectations are met, even more people will go to concerts in 2023.

In the US, concert audiences will spend, on average, 20% more money in 2022 than they did in 2019.

Ticketmaster received many criticisms about the expensive ticket prices, particularly for the premium and front seats that were $5,000 per seat during its first day of sale.

After a US House of Representatives lawmaker pushed for more clarity about how concert tickets are sold and what their real prices are, Ticketmaster revealed that the average cost per ticket is $262.