Here are some steps with a brief explanation to learn how to write an English essay effectively. Essays are a kind of short writing that requires a variety of students’ abilities, such as reading, analyzing, comparing. Buy custom essay is not just one option; you can also buy English essays online.

The purpose of the essay itself is to encourage learners to develop their ideas and concepts from the results of their analysis into written form, with some academic leads. Therefore, the essay form itself has a concise explanation, as well as clear the purpose and direction of the argument in the essay. 

Thus, the writing should be structured, and the development of the path should be clear and not out of the topic or purpose of essay writing

There are four genres in writing an English essay, namely:


Expository is a kind of essay that requires student skills to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, develop ideas, and deliver an appropriate argument to the topic in a clear and concise manner. This can be achieved by diversifying and contrasting the concept of topics, as well as exploring deep definitions and other analyses.


The descriptive essay requires students to explain things in detail. This form encourages the learner to think creatively.


Essays with narrative forms have a plot like a story. Learners can experiment more deeply and extensively by producing personalized writing, and use the philosophy that reinforces ideas.


Argumentative here demands the learner’s ability to analyze and research topics that are deep and thorough first. The data obtained for this essay comes from interviews, surveys, observations from different perspectives of people.

English is certainly familiar and widely encountered on all occasions. And for students and students, English is also not foreign to their academic activities, regardless of whether they are students or students majoring in English or not. In addition to students, English is also usually encountered by workers and also common people. 

Therefore, sufficient expertise in English mastery is needed enough so that we will not be bothered with the task or work that requires us in the mastery of English, especially essay writing activities  

The Best Tips You Must Know:

Find out the goal of An Essay

If you write an essay for an assignment, then you must first make sure that you understand what is required to be written in your essay. If you write for other reasons, it is important at all for you the purpose of writing the essay. Whether you want to share information or experience or influence the reader to change their mind.

Brainstorm on your topic

Record everything you can think about everything related to the subject you are going to write. Some people make lists of words or topics, while others draw diagrams or writing framework maps. The point is to gather ideas to get started quickly. 

If you do not have an idea, then go to the one the newspapers, watch television, or observe what is happening around you. By doing some of these things, you will get a lot of feedback about something that you will make the topic.

Connect your ideas

Readers need some roadmap for your essay. Use good transitions to help them move from one idea to the next. Transitions are often connective words like ‘then,’ ‘but,’ or ’therefore.’ Also, consider titles/subtitles and repetitions of certain words/phrases, which are devices for making a good transition in an essay.

Choose an impressive language

Use clear words, as well as special words. Suppose you are writing an essay using the word “bird,” and then your readers will not know if it’s big, small, friendly, or even able to fly. Write more specifically, such as “red-tailed eagle” then your readers will have a clear picture. Concrete words help the reader better understand what you want to communicate.

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