Most of our cities have become unsustainable places. Still, experts are looking for alternatives, such as the development of urban population centers, where the environment is better lived and taken care of as much as possible.

Nowadays, Forest City is becoming an epitome of new green cities around the world. It will be especially important for countries where air pollution is a severe problem and masks are part of daily life in many cities. In particular, the Forest City golf resort is also the ideal one for golf lovers. It not only provides a place to play golf but offers a satisfying experience.

You will want to live in Forest City

This smart and futuristic resort located in the south of Singapore, made up of four artificial islands, will completely change the concept of the tourist destination.

Forest City is not only beautiful and comfortable, but everything here is sustainable. For instance, it features solar panels on the rooftops to use renewable energy and air conditioning that will use geothermal energy. For more information, visit Besides, it will be connected by a train track and roads prepared to use electric cars, which can decrease pollution and is beneficial to the environment.

Four reasons why you should choose Forest City Golf Resort:

1. Eco-friendly

Forest City is an example of an eco-friendly project. It is a city of trees where all buildings are covered with millions of plants to deal with pollution and fight against climate change.

By absorbing clouds of dust and tons of carbon dioxide, trees and plants play a significant role in coping with the impact of climate change and improving air quality worldwide, from London to Beijing, from Moscow to San Paulo. In this way, it can contribute to making our cities greener, healthier, and happier.

2. Smart

Everything at Forest City Golf Resort is new, from its concept to its infrastructure.

It has cutting-edge technology, from transportation methods to facilities. Everything in Forest City is made to be the best and most efficiently urbanized city. Moreover, it always maintains its essence of uniting modern city life in harmony with nature. In Forest City, each element is the result of a deep mix of people, cultures, and needs. What’s more, it is a city that is created from its foundations, where the best relationship between people, spaces, and facilities is sought.

Forest City

3. Location

When talking about real estate and resorts, it is known that the location is the critical factor that should not be overlooked. In this case, the location of Forest City is unbeatable. The region is currently in significant economic growth, which has motivated many partners.

The connection between Singapore and Malaysia is one of the most strategic points in the area. There is currently no place that provides more fabulous market offers in the world. In addition to meaning many business opportunities for the town, Forest City will become the gathering point for tourists worldwide.

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4. Golf Courses

Forest City will become one of the safe destinations for golf fans with its two world-class courses.

Golf Courses

There are two fields designed by sports legends and subject matter experts. It features the highest-level technology, which shows the magnificent Forest City golf resort view. For example, there are thirty-six holes and 143 hectares, which represent a challenge and an adventure to travel. However, there are no equal golf courses worldwide that connect with nature and maintain an avant-garde design.

The world of urbanism does not stop, and every time cities must be more advanced, better fluid and greener. In addition to all these aspects, if you add a vacation paradise, you will think twice before leaving Forest City Gold Resort and returning home.

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