Booking travel for your business can be time-consuming considering a number of routes and a lot of expenses. It’s hard to know if you are getting an ideal deal for travel itineraries. Using a corporate travel agency, you will have the opportunity to save your precious time and money in addition to availing many other perks.

1 Travel Discounts

Typically, a corporate travel agency will have access to exclusive discounts when it comes to airfares, accommodation, and car rentals. Since the travel agents work with several clients subsequently establishing relationships with some top travel brands. Not only they can provide you special discounts, but there are also other benefits involved such as flight upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, room upgrades, VIP check-in, plan activities and much more. These are some of the added benefits you can avail when booking through a travel agency.

2 Itinerary Changes

While making a booking directly with an airline or using an online service, you will probably get charged for any changes you want to make. If you are on a business trip, it will be difficult to avoid schedule changes and consequently, you need to pay heavy amounts. Though when booking with a corporate travel agency, it is more likely that you will make travel changes without any extra charges.

3 Industry Knowledge and Access

Travel agents have access to an extensive range of travel resources and are well aware of how to find these resources in no time. They have a variety of tools that an average user isn’t able to use or know about. Therefore, they are able to provide you with the best information available when it comes to airfares, flight paths, upgrade selection and other information particularly if you are looking for comfortable and affordable business trips. They save your money based on their supplier relationships or at least find you the right price which saves both your time and effort. There might be hidden savings as well on your trips. For instance, a travel agent may book transfers for you, included in the price.

4 Emergency Contacts

While you are traveling, it’s crucial to have access to certain contacts in case of an emergency situation. A travel agent will provide you every possible emergency contact since they make sure your problems are managed both quickly and professionally. Ultimately, it will keep you stress-free throughout your journey.

5 Get the Best Fares

The best way for a peaceful journey is to leave things to those who have expertise in that field. The travel agents get you the best deals without comprising on quality. This will certainly save a lot on your finances that you must be eagerly wanting. Aren’t you? Also, some tour experiences are only available through corporate travel companies. They have a lot to offer and make sure you get the right experience within your budget.

6 Round the Clock Service

One important requirement of travel is to get support when needed. You will never want to get into an unpleasant situation on your journey, but the best way is to get all the possibilities covered. With a corporate travel agent, you will be provided with a 24/7 helpline facility. Further, if something goes wrong on your journey, a travel agent will advocate you and try to get your business trip back on track.

7 Efficiency

If you are on a business trip and doesn’t have a process to manage your travel, you will perhaps miss two critical things including the ability to manage the finances and visibility into your team members. A corporate travel company thoughtfully analyzes all available information and make sure to bring order and consistency to your travel program.

8 Expertise

One of the primary reasons to get help from a corporate travel agent is their professional expertise. Travel agents know the market and are able to match you with a better product that you may hardly find on the Internet. Travel planning and execution can be quite complicated so the professionals understand the requirements and the associated challenges eventually improving your travel comfort and safety.

9 Relationships

As you develop a relationship with your travel agent, they are more likely to target the right trips for you, Preferably, a simple phone call or email can lead to your next business trip– already planned!


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