Newborns are so delicate, and so is their skin. Naturally, we want to do everything to ensure they get the best, and this also applies to the clothes they wear. When choosing an outfit for little ones, you don’t just pick any clothing you come across. One of the things you must consider is the type of material used for the piece of clothing. The best fabric is one that doesn’t irritate the little one’s skin. 

Not all materials are friendly to the baby’s skin, and to be safe, go for what your doctor recommends. The most favorable outfit for little ones is cotton made clothing. For this reason, most newborn clothes are cotton made.

So, why let your baby wear cotton made clothing?

Cotton is Less Toxic

Unlike synthetic fibers which are treated with chemicals, cotton is a natural fiber that’s less toxic. Therefore, cotton made clothes are friendly to the skin as they don’t cause any form of irritation. Considering that your baby’s skin is delicate, having them wear clothes made of synthetic fiber is risky as it can lead to skin rash. Since cotton isn’t packed with chemicals, it won’t cause any harm to the little one’s skin.


When choosing baby clothes, ensure you get clothing pieces that your baby will feel comfortable in. As they grow, they’ll need outfits that favor their development. Cotton made clothes are comfortable on the skin as they provide breathability. Newborns are very sensitive to changes in temperature. As such, they need clothes that can absorb sweat when it’s hot and keep them warm when it’s cold. Cotton made clothes are very good at this.


Children can sometimes be born with severe skin allergies. If you let them wear clothes made of synthetic fabric, it may lead to serious allergic reactions. Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton made clothes are hypo-allergenic and rarely cause allergic reactions. Most dermatologists recommend cotton fabric for sensitive skin since it’s gentle on the skin. Therefore, to prevent your baby from skin allergies, let them wear cotton made clothes.

Good For all Seasons

Cotton is an all-season textile as you can wear cotton clothes at all temperatures. Whether it’s on a hot summer day or in the winter cold, cotton made clothes serve the purpose. They can resist varying types of temperatures. Cotton made clothing keeps the skin cool in summer’s heat and still provides insulation during cold days. Since the little one is sensitive to changes in temperature, cotton made clothes are ideal for them.


One of the things to consider when buying baby clothes is durability. Sometimes you just need clothing pieces that your baby can wear for long. Cotton fabric is the most durable compared to other types of fabric. Cotton made clothes are resistant to wear and tear, and can withstand frequent hand washing. You’ll be washing your baby clothes from time to time, and that means you need clothes that can withstand the washing. Therefore, buy cotton clothing pieces for your little one. Cotton made clothes are comfortable and friendly to your baby’s skin. As you shop for baby clothes online, ensure you get cotton made pieces. Also, check out for the available queen sized variety online if you’d like to refurnish your bedroom.


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