Old age results in collagen and elastin loss on different parts of the body and leads to skin sagging on the face and lips. You can combat thinning lips with augmentation done through surgery and filler injections. Ask for a Fort Worth lip injections expert near you who will guide you through the process. They will ask about your expectations before and after the procedure while showing you their work, which helps decide on their services. Read on to learn how to decide the look you want and what to expect after getting lip fillers

Why You Might Need Lip Fillers

Lips get wrinkled and develop deep lipstick lines as one gets older. The fine lines on the lips might be hard to conceal, and the lipstick might settle on these fine lines causing them to appear more profound than they are. Moreover, you might develop vertical lines upwards from the lips to the nose that could be deeper than the lipstick lines that add years to your age. It is easier to inject fillers to the lips, giving you permanent results, than to conceal it every morning in vain.

How to Decide On the Look You Want

The fillers on the lips should mimic your natural lips while making them more plump and smooth. Some of the looks you might decide on include defined edges, enlarged lips, and knowing the look you want will help you decide on the best procedure for you. Before checking with the beautician, you can ask yourself critical questions like what you want and finding solutions that will work for your lips.

Choosing the Appropriate Lip Filler Injection

Collagen fillers act like natural body tissues and result in plump lips; however, they do not last long and can cause an allergic reaction for some people. The more widely used lip filler has hyaluronic acids created from bacterial matter that attaches itself to the water molecules on the skin, creating an appearance of full lips. The fillers might be absorbed slowly into the lips, leading to several injections that thicken or thin the lips according to your desire.

Risks of Lip Fillers

If you choose to have hyaluronic acid fillers, you are safe from allergies associated with collagen fillers, but the gel could result in inflammation. Moreover, if your beautician does not inject the fillers deep into the lips, it can produce lumps that can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Furthermore, you can have blocked blood vessels, leading to little blood supply to the lips, causing damage to the lip tissues, and doctors will soon spot the blockage and reverse it.

After Care

Your lips will swell after getting filler injections, and you can notice small red spots where the needle punctured the skin. You could bruise around the lips for another week, and the lips might not feel natural due to the fillers’ presence. Some patients might have issues smiling within the first few days, as the lips might be a little sore. The beautician might instruct you to avoid pursing the lips immediately after the surgery.

The Bottom

Line Lip fillers can correct fine lines on the lips that result from loss of elastin and collagen as one grows old. It is easier to inject fillers on the lips and get satisfying results than to conceal the wrinkles every morning. You should try lip fillers for plump and full lips.

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