The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be hard on almost everyone. There are presents to buy, decorations to put up, and food to prepare. This holiday season, the stress is even worse than usual, with the lockdowns in place in many states and the Covid-19 pandemic still in full swing.

For many people, the holidays are going to be quiet, as more people are spending the holiday season alone or only with immediate family due to the high Covid-19 risk. While there are ways to reduce the risk of exposure this holiday season, if you’re spending the holidays quietly at home, it’s the perfect time to practice self-care. Below you can find a little about self-care during the holidays, who are at risk for burnout, why you should take care of yourself, and a few ways to get the job done.

Who are at risk?

Who are at risk

Although no one is immune from stress during the holiday season, there are some that are more at risk for burnout than others. There are a few types of holiday shoppers that might need a little more self-care as they are more apt to become extremely stressed during this time of the year. A few of these types include perfectionists, people who find themselves worrying a lot, immune-compromised, and the elderly. If you fall into this category, then you may need extra self-care during this already chaotic holiday season.

One way to practice self-care is by getting in touch with your inner self through faith. Whether you’re a Wiccan who pulls out their Wicca supplies for guidance or a Christan who falls back on the bible for stress relief, focusing on your religion or spirituality to meditate and calm your stress levels can be cathartic in these uncertain times.

Symptoms you should watch out for.

Symptoms you should watch out for

You wouldn’t think that there are symptoms to watch out for during a holiday burn-out, but there are a few. Symptoms include headaches, changes in sleep patterns, fatigue, and even shortness of breath. There are also emotional symptoms, such as feeling nervous, angry, and hopeless. If these symptoms become more than you can bear, then it’s best to get help from your primary care provider.

You can also practice self-care by investing in CBD products such as CBD oil, gummies, and even a CBD pre roll kit to help alleviate your stress levels. CBD products may help you to manage feelings of occasional anxiousness and feelings of being burned out. Always consult with your health professional first before ingesting CBD products.

You do need to ensure that it’s legal to have CBD pre-rolls where you live and determine where you can smoke them before you make the decision to order them, and use them as stress relief. It’s also a good idea to invest in a Veil Odor Eliminator to help mask the odor after you’re done smoking. While weed is an everyday thing in some states, you don’t want the odor lingering when you’re done. This product helps to get rid of the odor and leave only the smells of your Christmas cooking behind. Look for reliable sprays that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and made in the United States for the best results.

What can you do to for self-care during the holiday season?

Looking for symptoms and knowing that you’re stressed is easier than doing something about your self-care during the holiday season. In this section, you can find a few things that will help you get through Christmas with your sanity intact.

Schedule some self-care time.

Schedule some self-care time

Whether it’s applying some gel press on nails that you ordered from the site that has 3D technology in every nail kit, or taking a long bubble bath with scented candles surrounding the tub, you need to schedule your self-care time so that it doesn’t get pushed onto the back burner. When choosing your gel press on nails or any nail kit, make sure they include safe ingredients before you make a final decision on the set you choose. No matter what your self-care routine of choice is comprised of, make sure that you do something special for yourself every day to avoid feeling burned out this holiday season.

Don’t be afraid to say no.

While this year’s holiday season looks much different than past years, there will still be a ton of stuff to accomplish. You need to get into the mindset that if you can’t or don’t want to run an errand for someone else or cook a large Christmas meal by yourself, then you can say no. While obviously there are many obligations you can’t refuse, there are some that you can politely say no to. Your family and friends should understand and take care of those errands and tasks themselves rather than expecting you to do all the work.

Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily

Exercising is just as important during the holiday season as it is any other time of year. Just because you’re constantly on the go shopping and going to family functions doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to exercise daily. Whether it’s running on the treadmill in the mornings or taking a long walk after dinner, exercise is important if you want to be less stressed and more healthy during the Christmas season.

Eat the way you should.

Eat the way you should

The holidays are full of good foods, but these foods aren’t exactly the best for your self-care. It’s also easy to forgo eating a balanced meal when you’re busy shopping, planning, and celebrating the holidays. Try to eat balanced meals throughout the holiday season, and don’t forget your veggies, fruits, and vitamins while you’re at it. The Christmas season should be less stressful if you’re taking care of yourself the way you should.

These are just a few of the reasons you should spend the quiet holiday season taking care of yourself, and a few ways to do it as well. Whether your holiday is going to be spent quietly alone or jam packed with friends and family, taking care of yourself is key to a successful, bright, happy holiday.

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