In a single year, Denmark had over 28 million tourists despite the country’s only 5.8 million residents. Why are people so eager to visit Copenhagen or Amsterdam?

It’s all about the fashion, the culture, the food! There are endless reasons why you should visit Copenhagen this year, but we’ve narrowed it down to five just for you! With this list, you can make the most of your vacation.

Get ready to explore all this wonderful city has to offer! Here are the five reasons why you should visit Copenhagen in June.

1. The Cuisine

Copenhagen is home to some of the most delicious food in the world. In fact, it’s also home to Michelin-starred Noma, which is renowned for its fine dining experience.

There’s also Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, which is located in Denmark’s oldest garden, the Royal Danish Horticultural Garden.

There, you’ll experience a unique dining experience with innovative cooking options. The dining room was designed by Margrethe Odgaard, who pulled inspiration from the Frederiksberg Gardens.

If you visit Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, consider trying one of their beautifully plated dishes, such as:

  • Langoustine with shisho and lime
  • Scallops with strawberries and pomelo
  • Lemon sole with kombu

Then, finish your dinner off with an apple, caramel, walnut dessert.

If you want a low-key dining experience, try Paté Paté instead. Located in the meatpacking district, this restaurant is ideal if you want a more hearty, bistro-style menu. The food here is inspired by a mix of Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Spanish, and French cuisines.

Between the rustic dining room and soothing jazz music, Paté Paté offers a dining experience you can find anywhere else. Try their signature dish of French country roasted chicken. It’s serviced with saffron tomatoes and a yogurt sauce with fries.

While you’re in Denmark, try some of the gastronomy options that are popular among locals as well. These include:

  • Rød pølse
  • Smørrebrød
  • Durum shawarma
  • Falafel
  • Flæskesteg
  • Frikadeller
  • Fiskefrikadeller
  • Pickled Herring

We’re hungry just thinking about it!

2. The Music

If the eclectic gastronomy options aren’t enough to entice you, what about the music scene. When asking yourself why you should visit Copenhagen, consider the last time you sat back and relaxed. The city’s strong association with jazz and the genre’s greats has lived on since the ’50s.

Consider visiting one of the city’s top clubs, such as Jazzcup or Jazzhus Montmarte.

Jazzcup is a record shop. It even has its own record label called Stunt Records, along with a cafe and live music venue. Gigs are every Friday and Saturday afternoon.

There, you’ll find brilliant saxophonists perform along with quartets. Take the time to explore the record shop in the back for a souvenir of your trip. If you’re looking for an old-school, authentic jazz experience, Jazzcup is a great place to start!

Jazzhus Montemarte opened by in 1959. Since then, it’s invited its share of jazz musicians. You can peek at some of their past performers by exploring photos on the walls backstage.

3. Bike and Canal Tours

Want to see the city’s greatest attractions? Consider taking a guiding bike or canal tour!

Bike Tours

Bicycles became the main form of transportation in Copenhagen after they were imported into Denmark from France in 1869. Since then, bike tours have popped up all across the city.

If you want a local’s point of view of Copenhagen, join in on one of the three-hour bike tours of the city. You’ll see some of the city’s main attractions, including:

  • Little Mermaid
  • Amalienborg Palace
  • Round Tower
  • Christiana Freetown

Christiana Freetown is a self-proclaimed autonomous anarchist district. It was set up by hippies back in the 1970s. Today, you’ll find crafts, art, and organic food for sale in the market.

You’ll also ride across bridges and through parks as you explore some of the city’s beautiful architecture.

Canal Tours

If biking isn’t your style, try one of Copenhagen’s canal tours. Many tours start in Nyhavn, or New Harbour, which is a 17th-century waterfront district. There, you’ll see the town’s quaint, brightly-colored townhouses, bars, and restaurants.

You can also visit some of Copenhagen’s attractions throughout the area.

A canal tour is a great way to see the city while getting off your feet. There are even open-top boats that will give you clear views of the Opera House and famous palaces. See if you can spot the Black Diamond Library and the Little Mermaid during your journey!

5. Museums

The city is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful art galleries and museums.

Take the time to visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is located on the Danish coast north of Copenhagen. The museum has a permanent collection of over 3,500. It also features six to 10 special exhibitions each year.

Then, step outside. You can see Sweden across the sound! There are also 60 sculptures spotting the grounds.

These sculptures feature the work of Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, and Alexander Serra.

5. The Flea Market

On the edge of town the Den Bla Hal flea market. There, you can find a mixed bag of furniture, clothing, and lighting options. See which gems you’ll find in the vinyl record boxes available!

You can also find a cheap hotel room nearby for your stay.

For other options, there’s Hotel Sanders, which is owned by a former principal dancer in the Royal Copenhagen Ballet. Hotel Sanders is located in the historic center. There’s also the Anderson Hotel, which is at the edge of the meatpacking district.

The Anderson Hotel features stylishly decorated rooms in three different color schemes. You can choose your color scheme when you book the room.

If you need another reason why you should visit Copenhagen, think about the people you’ll meet. The people in Copenhagen are kind and ready to help throughout your visit. Try striking up a conversation with museum staff, tour guides, or salespeople to learn more about this amazing city!

Why You Should Visit Copenhagen – 5 Reasons to Book a Ticket

Are you booking your ticket yet? With these five reasons why you should visit Copenhagen, you can see why tourism is booming there. Make the most of your vacation in this stunning Denmark city today!

Want to plan an entire trip? Explore our Travel posts for more helpful guides!


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