Doing a simple search for cryptocurrency trading platforms will yield a ton of results. These can be so overwhelming; you are left confused as to what the best cryptocurrency trading platform for you is.

Depending on your level of trading expertise, you will want an exchange that not only provides you with the service you are looking for, but even more. If that sounds like you, here are a couple of reasons why you should try out ZB Group’s cryptocurrency exchange.

1 History

The first thing to look at when getting into business with an exchange is how long they have been in the market. Launched in the year 2013, ZB.comhas been around ever since, which means they must be doing something right to have stayed in business for over half a decade now.

In that time, they have grown massively to a brand that can now boast a massive $1.5 billion daily turnover across all of BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS and other leading coins out there.In this fast-changing industry, has always left the impression of being earnest and not aggressive. Ithas a secure operation history of more than 6 years, and has never been attacked by hackers so far. Also, it has never been publicly reported even an asset safety accident.

Previously users traded on this platform via web browsers, but now you can download the PC Client of different versions of Windows and MacBook. Also, you can download the latest version of the mobile application so that you can trade on on your mobile devices.

2 Speed

Trading is a game of correct timing.

Traders like to enter positions or exit at the right times so as to maximize their profits. makes that possible in the speed of its order transactions.

This is most noticeable when depositing funds into your trading wallet, or withdrawing them away from the exchange instead.

That, and they have a substantial trading volume already. Thus, they have the framework in place to maintain this speed even if the further expansion were to happen soon.

3 Multi-Platform Support

Many other trading platforms will only allow you to access the depth of their services when you use a web browser. By extension, most of them don’t even give you the entire scope of your trading dashboard when you access them via mobile browsers.

The cross-platform support of means that it won’t be an issue anymore.

There are specialized, developed applications for all of Windows (32 bit and 64 bit) and Mac desktop computers, which is convenient for all the users using various devices. Crossing over to mobiles, iOS and Android devices also enjoy from the application stream, having dedicated apps on their supported app store for faster trade executions and monitoring.

Trading Cryptocurrency

4 Value-Added Services

Besides just being able to trade your favorite coins – of which carries quite a lot of them – there are extra services that keep you endeared to the platform.

For one, spot/ margin trading supports highly liquid markets, allows you to leverage as much as 3:1 on trades while also ensuring high-performance trade-matching. And we have not mentioned the high level of encryption and security developed around every account on the exchange.

5 Customer Service

A service is only as impressive as the treatment its customers get.

There are no off days for the support department at, always gearing up to provide quick responses to your inquiries 24/7. This ensures traders are never stranded at any time, and they can get on with their operations without hassle whenever a concern comes up.Since its establishment, it has been maintaining the supremacy of users as the purpose of serving the users.

Final Words

Again, there is a diverse range of cryptocurrency trading platforms out there to choose from. The question is, wouldn’t you rather trust your dealings of the virtual currency to a service you can also bank on?There is no doubt that is the ultimate trader’s best bet for trading Cryptocurrency.


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