Congrats on moving to the new home. But, there’s a lot of things to take care of in your home. And while you’re at it, don’t forget that the winter is coming, and you need to take additional care of your lawn to keep it looking its best.

Unlike an apartment, you must maintain your lawn regularly to prevent any potential issues and have a green lawn when the weather warms in the spring.

1 – Winterize a Sprinkler System

Winterizing a sprinkler system is vital to ensure your lawn is not destroyed. For instance, if you don’t empty your sprinklers in time, it could burst through your line, breaking sprinkler heads.

At the same time, you need to make sure there’s enough time for the water to get absorbed. If not, the water will freeze on the grass and could do significant damage to the lawn.

2- Clean Your Yard

Before the start of snowfall, it is crucial to clear any debris that has accumulated in your lawn. It is also essential to do periodic sweeps throughout the winter. Mowing any debris in the lawn also enhances airflow throughout the grass in your lawn, preventing disease and insect infestation. Another benefit of cleaning your yard is that it makes it easier for the grass to grow in the spring.

3- Core Aerate

Aeration refers to the process by which air is introduced into the soil. It is usually done before seeding. It should usually be done in the late winter or early spring before the soil temperature warms up. This will prevent weed seeds from growing and ensure grass can grow without any hurdles. It also strengthens root development.

4- Fertilize

It is essential to fertilize your lawn in the late winter when your lawn is recovering from the dormant winter state. It provides your lawn with the much-needed nutrients it requires to grow the grass without any barriers. However, don’t over-fertilize your lawn as it might burn your grass.

5- Use Cool-Weather Grass Seed

In most cold regions, you can easily get grass seeds that can grow efficiently in the winter. Check for seeds that say cold season on the package. Then, spread the seed throughout the lawn using a spreader. Also, make sure to spread the seed evenly to avoid growing clumps of grass in specific areas.

6- Add Mulch and Stone

Maintaining lawns can be a tedious task for new homeowners. However, you can easily make your yard beautiful without much effort. Look for areas where grass can’t grow and decorate it with mulch or stone. However, it is worth mentioning that mulch should be replaced every year. Also, the cost of the mulch could vary a lot depending on the area you live.

7- Don’t Play Too Much on the lawn

Most families like to play on their lawn when it is covered with snow. However, it is recommended to avoid doing so. That’s because the more you walk on the lawn, the weaker the grass will become. We recommend using sidewalks during the winter to keep the grass-root stronger. Also, don’t let anyone park their vehicle on your lawn, as the grass underneath the tires will be killed.

8- Professional Lawn Care Services

If you’re busy and cannot spend time taking care of the lawn regularly during the winter, it is best to hire professionals to do the work. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure the grass stays strong and grows efficiently after the winter. They will also help you with tips and tactics to take care of your lawn during the winter.


Maintaining the lawn during winters is crucial as it leaves a good impression on guests and neighbors. Follow the tips mentioned above to take care of your lawn during winters and ensure the grass grows efficiently during the spring.


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