Are you sick of paying additional charges for extra iCloud storage? Or do you want to avoid the hassle that comes with exporting big videos and photos from iPhone? While you try to create more storage in your phone, many issues can occur. You can lose your data while deleting and syncing files from one platform to the other. Losing your information is the last thing you would want, what if we told you that you could avoid this at a much lesser cost. 

Transform the way you transfer your files with WinX MediaTrans

Are you thinking about switching your old iPhone for the new one? Are you aware of the risk that comes along with it? You can lose your old data during the process of transferring files. WinX MediaTrans is the best alternative for you to backup data of your iPhone. This tool also allows you to share photos, videos and music between iPhone/iPad and windows without any hassle. 

Moreover, iTunes can freeze during the transfer of files. The most annoying part is that iTunes doesn’t allow you to store non-iTunes songs to the iPhone. WinX MediaTrans is the right solution to all of your problems. You can transform the way you transfer your important files with this essential tool. WinX provides you with unique perks. You can even change the artist name and Album info according to your preference. 

Take part in the WinX MediaTrans Giveaway and get yours for free! 

What if we told you that you could avail of these fantastic perks for free? That’s right, WinX MediaTrans is holding a giveaway which allows the lucky winners to get WinX MediaTransfer for free. Where else does one find such a golden opportunity? There is no need to wait anymore; you can get yourself a free WinX MediaTrans today. 

This is a good chance for you to sync your files and flexibly control various iOS files and features with your preference. You can now manage multiple iTunes components and edit your file names according to your own needs. Head on to their website for more information and take part in the Giveaway today. 

Get the full version with a fantastic Early Bird Discount Offer!

The free version of WinX MediaTrans disables the new features and free update options for users. The full version offers you unique perks and features to flexibly control your files. You can upgrade to the latest version without any hassle with the full version. You can keep up to date with the new iOS updates and features. You can get all of these fantastic features at a low price with early bird discount offer. The earlier you purchase, the more you save!

Free Tech Support 

If you avail of the early bird discount offer, you can get unique perks like free tech support with your purchase of WinX MediaTrans. The talented experts at WinX will help you figure out any issues that may occur. They will also answer any queries that you might have regarding the transfer of your files. 

30-day money back

All of this with a 30-day money-back offer? There is no reason to wait further, get your hands on this fantastic offer right now. The sooner you get the offer, the more you save, this is the ultimate deal. 

Organize your files effortlessly with the fantastic features of WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans offers some unique advantages to its users. This tool transforms the way that you deal with your files on iPhone. 

Alternative to iTunes

iTunes limits how you can control your media files, but with this tool, you can edit your files, including the artist name and the album information. You can use this tool to auto-convert your music files to MP3/AAC and make an iPhone ringtone out of your file. You can also avoid the iTunes freeze error with this easy to use the tool. 

Backup your useful data

You can backup iPhone photos to a PC and vice-versa at a breakneck speed. You can also auto-convert HEIC photo using this tool. 

Format and Compress files 

You can also format and compress video size for your Apple devices along with transferring videos between iDevices and windows. 

Save and Transfer your files 

You can enable Two-way transfer between Windows, iPad and iPhone with this fantastic tool. You can transfer your ebooks/audiobooks and convert them to EPUB to PDF and TXT format for iPhone and windows. This tool also allows you to save your Word, PDF, Excel files and apps in your iPhone with encryption. 

Download the WinX MediaTrans Free Trial today!

WinX MediaTrans provides you with this golden opportunity to transfer your files in a new and better way for free. Get your free trial of WinX MediaTrans, save and transfer all your files at a fantastic speed, and visit their site for more information on the Giveaway.

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