Your Guide on How to Rotate PDF Pages Using PDFBear Online Tool


When it comes to document file formats, PDF (short for Portable Document Format) is king. PDF is a universal file type that you can view on any device. It’s also easy to create, multi-dimensional, compact, and secure. Plus, you can perform a quick search on its content, and you can apply a password for added security and protection. 

Indeed, using PDFs provides you with a lot of advantages. Perhaps the only catch about PDFs is the few instances of disorientated pages after scanning. Merging multiple documents into a single PDF file would sometimes result in upside-down pages as well. 

The great thing is that there’s a solution to this problem. You can use a tool like PDFBear if you find out that your scanned PDF pages are not in their correct orientation. PDFBear rotates every upturned page of your PDF to their proper angle. Here’s a guide on how to use the PDFBear online software for that purpose. 

Step-by-Step Process on How to Use PDFBear

Get rid of your frustration about those sideways or inverted PDF pages because the PDFBear online tool is here to help you solve this problem. Just follow the steps below to learn how to rotate a PDF using this online software. 

Step 1: Go to PDFBear’s Official Website

To start the whole process, launch your website browser and enter in the address bar. A few seconds later, you’ll be on the site’s homepage, where you can find various tools to convert or edit PDF. Since your primary purpose is to rotate PDF pages, browse through the selection to find the Rotate PDF tool and click on it. 

Step 2: Upload the PDF File on the Website

Clicking the Rotate PDF tool will lead you to another web page where you can see a Select Files button located in the center of the screen. Click that button to choose the PDF that you’re going to edit. 

Step 3: Correct the Upside-Down Pages by Rotating Them

Now that the file is on the website, you can proceed already with the editing. The pages of your PDF file will be shown as thumbnails. Click the thumbnail that represents an upturned page, and then rotate it to its accurate angle by clicking the circular arrows. 

Step 4: Apply and Confirm Changes

You can now apply and confirm the changes on your PDF file by clicking the Apply button. Don’t forget to review the changes to make sure that you’ve corrected all the pages to their right orientation. 

Step 5: Save the Edited Version of the PDF File

Once the PDF pages are now set in their proper angle, it’s now time to save the edited version on your device. You can also transfer it to other devices or share it with other people if need be. 

List of Pros of Using

A lot of users prefer PDFBear over other online pdf rotate tools due to its benefits. Take note of this list of advantages to convince yourself to start using this online tool right now. 

  • PDFBear Online Tool is Available on Multiple Platforms. This rotate PDF tool also has a desktop version. Although the web version is the most widely used, you can also use PDFBear on various computer operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
  • You Can Rotate PDF Pages in Just a Few Clicks. Another winning feature of the PDBear online tool is its smooth and user-friendly interface. Depending on how many pages you’re going to rotate, it won’t take you eons to finish editing pages using it. 
  • You Decide How to Rotate PDF Pages.  Control of your edits is crucial when you’re going to modify a PDF file. The good thing about PDFBear is that you can rotate PDF pages with accuracy. After setting the pages in their accurate orientation, you can apply the changes and save the newly edited PDF file on the computer. 
  • Your PDF File is Safe and Secure. It’s understandable to have a little bit of worry when uploading important documents online. But, with, you can guarantee that your PDF file won’t get stolen or shared. The site will delete the file and any saved actions after using the software. 


If you need to rotate pages of a PDF file, use online tools like PDFBear for that purpose. PDFBear is very accessible, convenient to use, and secure. Learn how to use this online software by reading the steps mentioned above. 

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