Private jet charter flights have reached record highs since March. The industry is experiencing exceptional stress, especially over the holidays. Read these tips to ensure an incredible experience if you are new to private aviation or haven’t traveled.

Do you enjoy taking unexpected trips?

If you are in a spoken city, it may be harder to make connections because of the airlines’ still-slender schedules. Door-to-door travel time can be decreased by a few hours by flying privately.

Compared to the less than 500 airports that are serviced by airlines, private aircraft can land at more than 5,000 airports.

Your luggage won’t get misplaced, so you don’t have to worry. Although costs may be 50% higher if you travel on short notice due to the peak demand, booking one to two weeks in advance may save you money. Even so, you should still experience those last-minute vacations.

Bookings can be made as little as six hours before departure with some jet cards that offer a fixed price. Six-figure deposits are no longer required.

Traveling with pets

While many private planes allow pets, it’s not always the case. Before buying jet cards, be sure to review the pet policy.

Even then, most programs demand that you tell them about your pets when you make a reservation. When making a charter flight reservation, the kind of pets and their weight must be mentioned.

The number of passengers is reduced since dogs weighing more than 150 pounds must be restrained by a seat belt during landings and takeoffs. Try giving the measurements if you are bringing a crate for your pet. Some private jets’ doors won’t accommodate certain heavier boxes.

Give yourself some extra time

Flying privately saves time. There are no TSA queues, and the FBOs for private aircraft are less busy. However, they can be packed on Friday afternoons and Sunday evenings during holidays.

Furthermore, they often have few markings and are tucked away between hangars in distant airport areas.  Printing out the driving directions is a must. Even better, give the FBO a call to confirm the information you discover online.

So, give yourself a little extra time. Your pilots may have another flight after they drop you off. Call the terminal and your provider to let them know you’re running late. Also, keep your tail number close at hand. That’s how they recognize your plane with ground employees and at airports with security gates.

Are you likely to change your plans?

Even though you are probably ready to leave at this moment, sometimes life interferes with the best set intentions.

Some charter flights cannot be canceled after they have been reserved, and fees are often associated with cancellations made with less than a week’s notice.

On the other hand, many jet cards require between 24 and 48 hours; others accept as little as four hours of notice.

If you plan to fly privately for at least 10 hours over the next year, a jet card may allow you to book flights more easily, cancel reservations more easily, and enjoy additional benefits.

It’s time to start your journey this summer and travel to the places you’ve daydreamed about for the past twelve months. Let’s look at some advice you can utilize to support your summer vacations.

1. Plan to lock on your preferred dates

Only a few days into the summer season, we already have more people booking private planes. We cannot stress this enough: reserve your private jet as soon as possible for the best availability.

2.  Save Money with One-Way Flights

Do you know what empty-leg flights are? These are favorite tips for saving money while using a private jet.

Private jets make “empty” flights to pick up a passenger or on their way back to their base of operations. You can typically find a seat at a significant discount because the airline must travel there.

Less flexibility is available on these flights than on a typical private jet reservation. However, you can cut costs on your private jet journey if you’re not particular about your destination, departure time, or aircraft type. Remember that flights with empty legs can only go in one direction.

It can be necessary to make a standard one-way private flight reservation if you have a specific date by which you must return home. Perhaps one of the flights will inspire you to try something new during your summer vacation.

3. Opt for a Direct Flight

Direct flights are almost always less expensive when you buy a flight than flights with many connections. That’s because the ticket cost is spread between numerous crews, airports, and planes, and those expenses can soon mount up.

Utilizing a private jet service has several benefits, one of which is the ability to fly directly to your destination from smaller airports with shorter runways. Avoid choosing the closest commercial airport and move closer to your desired destination.

In addition, you can begin enjoying your trip as soon as your jet touches down on the tarmac and spend less time slogging through bigger, busier airports and avoiding lengthier security queues. 

4.  Avoid Overpriced Rental Cars

This season is expected to be busy, with many people on long road trips. Due to a number of epidemic problems affecting the rental automobile business, rental car rates are on the rise. Although the travel demand swiftly increased, rental car firms could not fully replenish their inventory.

 Explore alternative solutions to avoid making a costly rental car reservation. A greater selection of cars, including classic cars, off-road Jeeps, all-electric pet-friendly, and more, are available to choose from.


Get rid of your travel blues right now by going on an adventure and avoiding crowded commercial planes. Are you wondering if your whole family will fit on a private jet?

Just let them know how many people are in your group, and they will match everyone up with the greatest aircraft so that everyone can enjoy themselves. Your furry family members can also travel in luxury with you.

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