Pests are like uninvited guests that nobody wants in their house. Some pest problems are easy to notice and eradicate. While there are some problems that might hide in the nook and corners of your house. It’s better to contact a professional at your earliest convenience.

However, you need to consider a few aspects before selecting a pest control company. This guide mentions some points that you might want to include in the screening process of various service providers.

Do your research

You can find a number of nearby pest control services online. Before beginning a service, it’s crucial to have a contract that protects you and your house from damage. Don’t let anyone con you into signing a contract suggesting that your home is structurally unsound. In this case, you won’t be able to claim insurance from the company.

Ask for client referrals

Responsible pest control services provide a list of previous clients and their testimonials. Yet, there are companies that are not willing to share their clients due to privacy issues. You can ask in the neighborhood to suggest a better service.

Discuss the bases for charges

You’ll find many companies quoting different prices for almost the same services. You need to keep in mind that a provider might lower its price and compromise product quality. Watch out for red flags, such as companies quoting prices based on per gallon.

Enquire about safety measures

There’s a particular limit to which an organization can put chemicals in their pesticide formula. If they cross this limit, it might be harmful to your health. Ask the company if they have insurance that would cover any possible damage to your property.

Check license

Never hire a pest control service before checking their license and other required documents. To ensure the authenticity of the documents, you can get them verified from the concerned department. If an unregistered company tries to sell you their services, you should immediately report them.

Ask for guarantee

At some point in life, the issue of pests might return, but you can definitely delay the process. If you have a written guarantee, then you can contact the company if you face any pest-related problems. They will redo the entire process free of cost. If a service provider is ready to provide you guarantee, then they might be sure of their results.

Types of treatments offered

Make yourself familiar with the different procedures that are available for a variety of pest infestations. Conventional methods include granule treatment, backpack sprayer, and power spraying. It’s necessary to include in-wall as well as roof treatments in the contract.

Amount of experience

If a company is in this business for a significant period of time, they know how to deal with equipment as well as problems. It’s important not to get confused with the experience of a service provider,  their technician, and the applicator. Ensure assessing the underlying experience of the service provider before taking the plunge.


It is important to note that many pest control services do not offer all the services. Sometimes, they take on a job, without any specialization, simply because they do not want to lose your business. Some of these pest control issues like raccoon removal, wild hogs, bats, etc. need experts to deal with bigger and more deadly pests.

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