If you are thinking of going into golf club management, you need to know what it is like to manage a large club. You might not know the inner workings of a big club, or you might want to know what your dues pay for. There are a few questions below that shed some light on how a golf club is managed.

Do You Need A Professional Groundskeeper?

Every golf club needs an expert groundskeeper. If you are studying a club management company like Hampton Golf, you will find that their groundskeepers have a lot of experience. When you watch golf on TV, the major clubs that host events like the US Open, British Open, and The Masters employ a large grounds staff. The head groundskeeper knows how to make the grass look perfect, how to cut each part of the course perfectly, and how to keep the plants, trees, and flowers healthy.

The groundskeeper will ensure all the sand traps are tended, and all water features will be cleaned regularly. Traditional landscapers are not the same as a groundskeeper.

How Many People Do You Employ?

You must employ office staffers that will handle the business of the club. You need workers who will clean the locker rooms, manage linens, and work in the bar or restaurant. You need a club pro that will be the golf expert at the club, and you need a marketing team that will help make your club a household name.

You must hire a sales team that will work with members, and you need an accountant who handles your money. You must hire quite a few people to run a golf club, and you must work with business experts who know how to keep the club’s finances in good condition.

Should Golf Clubs Offer More Than Golf?

Most people who manage golf clubs know that the golf course is just one part of the experience. The bar and restaurant are big attractions for people in the community. If you watch golf, you know that the food at The Masters is a talking point for the broadcasters. You can make money from a bar or restaurant every night, and you can host parties or weddings at a premium.

You can add tennis courts, a spa, and a gym to make the club more useful for the community. When you give members more options, they will come to the club more often. Also, anyone who joins can justify their dues because they use the club so much.

Do You Need A Pro Shop?

Every golf club should have a pro shop. You can make money from the pro shop, and you can generate revenue from the guests that buy souvenirs. You can sell clothing and gear from the pro shop, and many of your members will get everything they need from the shop.

Should You Host Tournaments?

You can host golf tournaments throughout the year that will help you make money and become more popular in the golf community. If you are hosting charity tournaments, you look better in the community’s eyes. If you can host a tournament on any PGA Tour calendar, you will become a part of the public discourse in the golf community.


You can learn how to manage a golf club by using ideas you get from different clubs. However, every golf club needs a strong club pro, a pro shop, a restaurant, and a public presence. You can host tournaments, and you can make a name for yourself in the community by giving everyone something that they can enjoy.