Zuckerberg imposes a monthly subscription on those who want the blue tick on Facebook and Instagram

Zuckerberg imposes a monthly subscription

To set a precedent for the platform, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta revealed that users can now gain verified accounts in exchange for a monthly fee. This marks an unprecedented moment in Meta’s history and will provide more opportunities to those who wish to be recognized on their network.

With Meta Verified, you can authenticate your account by obtaining a government-issued ID and receive exclusive access to customer service. Furthermore, the blue badge serves as an extra assurance that nobody else will be able to impersonate or copy your profile.

Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed, in a statement on his Facebook page, that the newly unveiled feature was designed to enhance security and trustworthiness across both of Facebook’s and Instagram’s platforms.

Moreover, he proclaimed in his announcement that the service would cost $11.99 for web version and 14.99 for “iOS” system with a rollout of Australia and New Zealand during this week before proceeding to the rest of countries shortly after.

Following Elon Musk’s widely-criticized announcement of paid documentation services on Twitter at a $8/month rate, Mark Zuckerberg recently made his own move by revealing similar plans.

Analysts remarked that Zuckerberg’s choice mirrored Elon Musk’s concept, which was a creative solution to afford businesses funds during these difficult economic times.

Following the takeover of Twitter by American billionaire Elon Musk, he rejected the “masters / villagers” system that distinguished owners of blue ticks from other users as utter nonsense. This was soon followed by an official decision on behalf of Twitter to remove it altogether.