3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Car Accident Attorney

Road accidents are a regular thing in every US state. Each day traffic accidents take place and cause damage to lives and assets resulting in loss of money. The need emerges to file a claim, which generally everyone does. However, not everyone succeeds in getting the claim amount due to the lack of a car accident lawyer in California who can help them with the legal process.

As the proverb says, ‘you can be good in acting but it ain’t a film’ which simply means that let the expert do the job rather than aching your own shoulder for every small and big thing.

According to statistics by Icebike, In the year 2016

  • 57,177 people died due to car or bike accident
  • And on an average 2825 people died every day
  • 1,613,864 people were injured in the USA following a road accident involving cars or bikes
  • The daily number reached to 79,681 who got severely injured in these accident
  • The total loss of money was due to traffic accidents was $ 23,885,194,191
  • Also, $ 1,179,015,775 was the estimated loss of money due to road accidents on daily average.

Here are convincing reasons on why you should hire a personal car accident attorney:

1.They are familiar with the law

You might be a very informed person who knows all about everything, yet, those who are practicing in the law field from years know more than you do, unless you’re a lawyer yourself. Their knowledge is always 10 times more than your’s and they know how to implement the same for the client’s benefits. Knowing something is one thing but implementing and manipulating the knowledge to help others is only a pro thing.

Also, a lawyer knows how much should you claim for and what evidences you’ll need for it.

2.They want your benefit

Every time you or your family member, unfortunately, meets an accident and suffers injuries, a lawyer from the insurers will approach you saying that he wants you to settle the claim. Though their main motive is to reduce the claim amount as less as they can, even sometimes they try to negotiate by manipulating you without any compensation. They will emphasize on claiming you to be at fault for the accident, hence making you ineligible for filing the claim.

On the other hand, a personal car accident attorney will work on your favor and try to secure a legitimate amount for the injuries you’ve suffered. Believe it or not, sometimes the claim amount can be unexpectedly high and you’ll keep on praising your attorney.

3. Experienced in settlements

No matter how good you’re in handling issues, yet, handling a claim isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, that too when the person next to you is a lawyer representing the insurance company or your insurer. A lot of arguments happen to prove the second person at fault and they’ll try to invalidate the claim. Hence, you won’t get a single penny for your sufferings.

Whereas, an attorney knows their job and the tactics that come into play when handling a settlement. They have done it several times, in different places, and each time the magnitude of the case was different. And, there’s no way you can match their experience.

Hope this blog helps somehow and you consider appointing a car accident attorney if you unfortunately get involved in a car accident.

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