Romance & Relations

Romance is a nebulous thing with the curious property of being describable but not definable.
It is an ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people; it is what we call “LOVE”

Marriage Counseling

When is it Time to go to Marriage Counseling?

There isn’t a perfect time to begin going to marriage counseling, as it’s typically on a case-by-case basis. Couples may choose to begin attending...


We all encounter loss in our lives. Money, education, time, all these are assets on which we have to compromise at some...
Birthday Party Ideas

Fun Birthday Party Ideas: 7 Unique Ways to Make Your Birthday Celebration Stand Out

Epic birthday celebrations are now the norm. Studies show that the average parent spends around $28,000 on birthday parties before a child turns 21.
Mediation in Family Disputes

The Role of Mediation in Family Disputes

Like anything in life, we have a choice in how we feel about our circumstances and how we respond to stress and...
audiophiles and music lovers

The best gifts for audiophiles and music lovers

Audiophiles. They surround us everywhere. From bus stop to subways, from office to workout, from concerts to soap operas, music lovers know what they...
Work from Home gift

Best Gift Ideas for People Who Work from Home

Working from home has many positives. For instance, long commutes to the office are no longer necessary, and work schedules are flexible. However, contrary...
Grief During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Cope With Grief During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The first cases of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, appeared in China in December 2019. It is a respiratory virus that was...
Gifts For Men With Beards

5 Best Gifts For Men With Beards

Who doesn’t love a man who knows how to really rock a beard? Beards are very much in style these days and it...
relationship mutual

How to promote mutual understanding in a relationship?

Every relationship goes through hardships leading to heated arguments and problems at times. During such a phase, mutual understanding between partners is what can...
occasions that you gift a watch

The occasions that you gift a watch!

An authentic watch is one of the best gift options you can consider on different occasions. It can express almost any sentiment- from friendship...

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