Privacy Policy

Updated on 1 May 2015


Email addresses provided by site visitors are used only to mail email newsletters to which visitors subscribe and for no other purpose. They will never be used by me for promoting products or any other purpose other than mailing newsletters.

Email Address Integrity: All our subscription lists are double opt-in. That is, subscribers must confirm by email, the subscription address given. This ensures that all my newsletters are specifically requested by the owner of the email address.

Third Party Use: We do not sell, rent, or loan my subscription lists to third parties for any purpose with no exceptions.

Un-subscriptions: I send my newsletters only to those who request them and immediately un-subscribe those who request it. Every issue of my newsletters explains how to subscribe and un-subscribe.

Security: I store subscriber email addresses in a secure manner not accessible to Web browsers or off-line.

Choice and Consent: I respect the purpose for which my site visitors give me their email address and other information. I inform users exactly how this information is used and give them choice and consent over this use including the removal of names immediately upon request


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