Medical Marijuana in New York

Medical Marijuana in New York

New York legalized the use of medical marijuana for severe conditions through the compassionate care act. This act protects patients and their caregivers, as...
Child Molesters

Crossing the Line: 4 Myths and Facts Regarding Child Molesters

Imagine being accused of sexual abuse of a child. This happens to individuals every day, and many states they are not guilty. What are...
4th of July Decorations

7 Best 4th of July Decorations for Celebrations at Home

Your spring cleaning checklist has finally been completed thanks to the time you spent in coronavirus quarantine. But what about summer's checklist?
Immigration Lawyer

How to Find a Good Immigration Lawyer: 3 Key Steps to Take

Did you know there are more than 1.3 million lawyers throughout the United States? So as you're looking for an immigration lawyer, you have...
US Green Card

What’s the Easiest Way to Get a U.S. Green Card?

When someone is searching for the genuine ways to get USA green card easily, he/she is essentially looking for the quickest and preferably non-complex...

The Growing Medical Field in the USA and Its Effect on Job Growth

The medical field is a growing industry, as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an 18% growth rate in healthcare jobs...
Common Surgeries

5 Most Common Surgeries in the U.S in the Past Decade

Mixed reactions of fear and anxiety always accompany the thought of having surgery. However, according to the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, about two-thirds...
adults with insufficient sleep

Hawaii has the highest percentage of adults with insufficient sleep

Insufficient sleep is becoming a pandemic in the U.S. Each day, millions of adults don’t receive enough sleep at night, choosing instead to work...
New York This Spring

5 Best Things to Do in New York This Spring

New York City is really special in the Springtime. The parks are beautiful, and the snow has already melted away by this time....

Tips To Choose A Residential Internet Trumansburg NY Provider

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company providing customers with online access. Residents can take advantage of the services offered by an ISP...

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