4 Applications of SWIR LED Light

The SWIR LED light has become one of the most interesting inventions of the 20th century. It has many capabilities that make it applicable to various types of field and purpose. Today, we also can see that many companies keep trying to develop this technology to the next level. Now, you can find this device that is available for commercial use in many stores and providers. Many of them are made in a compact size. However, the power is much higher than the previous series. Thanks to this development, SIWR LED technology can be applied to many things.


One of the applications of SWIR technology is for inspection. You can find it at the airport, where the object inside a bag can be detected using this technology without opening it. It also saves time as the officer no need to open the big and search one by one. It also reduces the risk of missing the object that you want to find.

However, for SWIR LED, the concept is similar. But, mostly, people use it to inspect the volume of a nontransparent container. If we use the normal method, we need to open it. And, if the container is a bottle, you need to pour out the content of that bottle to find out its filling level. It takes too much time, plus it also has a risk to reduce the quality and quantity of the content.

SWIR LED can do it without even opening the lid. You don’t need to peek through the hole. The light will penetrate the bottle and reflect the liquid or other content that fills the container. From the image produced by this device, you can see how much the container is full or not.

Moisture Measurement

SWIR technology also can detect gasses and chemical substances. Using this capability, you also can use the SWIR LED to find the condition of an object chemically. In this case, you use it to measure the moisture level of that object. You use it to illuminate the object that you want to measure. Next, you take a photo of the SWIR LED-illuminated surface. The photo will show you whether the surface or object is wet or dry. And it can show you the detailed result, so you won’t miss any spot that might have a little bit of water or moisture on it.  

See the Fruits Condition

SWIR LED also is a useful tool for fruits or retail shop owners to check the fruit condition. The fruit’s undersurface condition is difficult to detect with naked eyes. You can detect it by touching it. However, can you imagine when you have to check a box of fruits? That would take a lot of time. It is also not efficient. SWIR LED simplifies that process. 

You just need to shine the light on a box of fruits and take a picture that can capture the infrared wavelength. The SWIR light can penetrate the surface of the fruits. So, if you find the bad or rotten part of a fruit, you can easily see a mark on the fruit. The visible lighting won’t be able to do this. It saves more time and money. It is indeed one of the best additional tools for today’s business. 

See Through Fog or Smoke

You also can use the SWIR LED light to see through fog or smoke. If a car uses this light as its additional light, you can easily drive through the thick fog. It gives you at least easy to see the view that is safer than the normal lighting.

You also can use it to see through smoke. It is very useful for a firefighter. If you use the thermal sensor, it will be difficult because the environment is hot. The SWIR LED light can solve it and find the victim much easier. 


Those four are only small parts of the SWIR LED application in many aspects of our life. The development of this technology in the future will give it even vast and various capabilities that make it applicable to many other aspects and fields. But, we can conclude here that this technology is one of the most useful technologies you can find today.

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